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Security and Intelligence Studies Journal

Welcome to the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal, an international field-based academic periodical publishing the finest of undergraduate research on intelligence, security, terrorism and counterterrorism, geopolitics, and international relations. As a student-led scholarly publication, the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal is committed to highlighting outstanding undergraduate research that critically examines the current domestic and international security landscape.

Call For Papers

Theme: Contemporary Issues in Intelligence and Foreign Policy

The geopolitical landscape has shifted dramatically over the past decade, and the next President of the United States will be forced to deal with an unprecedented complexity of issues. The US and its partners are nearing a nuclear deal with Iran that has the potential to start a regional arms race.  Russia's ongoing aggression in Donetsk has raised security concerns among NATO allies, heightening regional tensions and hinting at the prospects of a new Cold War. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continues to gain territory in Iraq, has gained loyalists in parts of Africa and Afghanistan, and recruits from Europe and the United States -- creating new calls for US leadership to stem ISIS' gains and end the pillage and plunder. Other terrorist groups -- Boko Haram and al Shabaab, to name just two -- abound and thrive. Meanwhile, climate change poses a very real threat to impoverished and wealthy nations alike, and raises the specter of new virulent strains of disease, famine, and drought, all of which could send vulnerable populations fleeing across borders seeking relief, creating instability. In America's traditional backyard, Venezuela increasingly looks like a failed state, drug cartels and gangs in Guatemala and Honduras engage in violence that sends children fleeing to the relative stability of the United States, and left-leaning governments that are less sympathetic to Washington's interests, including on free trade, have become entrenched, raising the risk that failed economic and social policies will lead to even greater instability in the region. Additionally there are economic and domestic political realities that have the potential to help or hinder the next President as s/he deals with these challenges.

For the Fall 2015 issue, the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal seeks submissions that analyze and explore these and other geopolitical, intelligence and foreign policy issues.

Deadline for Submissions: October 15, 2015