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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Client Rights

  1. Each client has the right to be treated with respect, consideration, and free from mental, physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, exploitation, and neglect.
  2. Each client has the right to confidentiality. The content if therapy, including participation in therapy, are the privileged right of the client, and will not be shared outside of this agency without the written consent of the client. Exceptions include:
    • Reasonable belief that the client is a danger to him/herself or others.
    • Where reporting the abuse of a minor or the elderly is mandated by law
  3. The client has the right to exit therapy at any time during the course of therapy. The client agrees that a final termination session will be attended to bring the therapeutic relationship to a close.

Client Responsibilities

  1. Clients have a responsibility to arrive as scheduled for appointments.
  2. Clients have the responsibility to cancel appointments by 3 p.m. of the previous day (or by 3 p.m. on Friday for a Monday appointment), to avoid charges for a no-show or late cancellation. After-hour messages regarding cancellations may be left at 423.652.4742.