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Dual Admissions Process

Process Guidelines

  1. Student completes Dual Admissions paper application and Northeast State Community College Transcript Request.
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  2. Student submits King University application as a transfer student for the semester after they plan to graduate from Northeast State Community College.
  3. Student is “flagged” as a Dual Admissions student in Northeast State Community College and King systems. This triggers an email to Student Success that there is a new Dual Admissions student.
  4. Student is “accepted” to the Dual Admissions program and an official “Dual Admission acceptance” letter is sent from King Admissions that outlines the benefits of being a Dual Admissions student.
    • King University Student ID
    • Advising from King University Student Success Specialist (SSS)
    • Access to King University Library
    • Student admission to athletic events at King University.
  5. Student Success Specialist from King University sends an introductory email to the student and schedules their first advising session.
  6. Northeast State Community College admissions provides updated transcripts at the end of every semester (unofficial is acceptable until they graduate).
  7. Student meets with Northeast State Community College advisor and King Student Success Specialist every semester.
    • Use program to program guides that are available on Northeast State Community College and King University websites.*
  8. The semester before matriculation, a link will be sent to the student to allow for updates to the King University application. They will receive an official acceptance package to the university at this time.

*Program to program guides will be updated yearly after updated to Northeast State Community College and King academic catalogs are complete.