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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit offered to service members to assist with the cost of tuition.  TA typically covers 100% of tuition, up to the $250 cap per credit hour. Our GPS undergraduate tuition rate is reduced to $250 per credit hour.  For additional information on amounts covered by TA and who is eligible, according to branch of service, please visit the Military – Tuition Assistance Program website.

Effective October 1, 2011, all Army National Guard soldiers will use GoArmyEd to request Federal TA (including those on Drilling status).  This applies to any courses starting after October 1, 2011.


GoArmyEd – How to Enroll

Step 1 – Contact your academic advisor 
Your academic advisor will review your account to confirm academic and financial standing and help you in course selection.

Step 2 – Complete Registration on GoArmyEd Portal

  1. Visit and log onto portal
  2. Select “Request TA”
  3. Under “School” select ‘King University’ (if it is not automatically selected for you)
  4. Under “Subject” place the subject code in the box (i.e. MATH, ENGL, PSYC, etc)
  5. Under “Catalog Number” enter the four digit number for the course (i.e. ‘1010’ for ENGL 1010 or ‘2200’ for BUSA 2200)
    • If you are having difficulty finding a course, try leaving the “Catalog Number” field blank.
  6. Under “Start Date Between” enter the date span that will include the start date of your course.
  7. Select “Next”. (You do not need to put in a course number – leave this blank.)
  8. Choose the course you want to enroll in by selecting “Request Class”
  9. Select “Process Request”
  • Once your GoArmyEd registration has been processed and your TA is approved, electronic authorization will be sent to King allowing payment to be made to the school for your tuition.
  • Once your GoArmyEd registration has been completed, please wait for email confirmation before proceeding to financial check-in.

Please note the deadlines for GoArmyEd Registration below. All TA must be approved prior to the GoArmyEd registration deadline.

Air Force

Active Duty and Air National Guard

Step 1 – Complete the admissions process  

Step 2 – Apply for TA

If you are AGR or Active Duty, go to the Air Force Virtual Education Center web portal to request TA. Once TA is approved, print the paper TA authorization form from the portal.

If you are on drilling status, you may not be eligible to receive Federal TA.  Contact your Education Office for more information.

Step 3 – Submit the TA form to the Military Affairs Office
Your TA form may be submitted by fax to 423.652.4727 or scanned/emailed to

Active Duty and Reserve

Air Force Reserve students may request Tuition Assistance (TA) reimbursement through their military education office. This means that payment must be made directly to King and students will receive reimbursement upon successful completion of the course. Please note that TA must be requested BEFORE the start date in order to receive reimbursement.

Step 1 – Complete the admissions process

Continue adding until the desired amount of courses has been added to your schedule.

Step 2 – Apply for Reimbursement TA

Log in to Air Force Portal,

Click here for detailed instructions on the TA application process

NOTE: “Reservists must apply for Tuition Assistance before the start of each class. The Reservist pays attending institution all costs associated with taking each class(s), and is then reimbursed (payment made directly to student) if the grade earned is a C- or better, to include “Satisfactory” and “Pass” on an alternate scale.”

Step 3 – Print Grade Report in Student Portal


Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines

Step 1 – Complete the admissions process 

Step 2 – Apply for TA

Apply for TA online, using links provided below, or contact your education office on base. Please make a note of your registration information (course titles, enrollment dates, etc.) as this will be required on the TA application. Once approved, you will receive the authorized form.

Navy & Marines

Click ‘My Education’ on banner and select ‘WebTA’

Coast Guard

Step 3 – Submit TA form to