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Student Success

Student success is defined as academic achievement; engagement in educationally purposeful activities; satisfaction; acquisition of desired knowledge, skills and competencies; persistence; attainment of educational objectives; and post-college performance” (Kuh, et al., 2006).

King's Student Success Model

Built on the framework of the Appreciative Inquiry Model, King University assigns a Student Success Specialist to all traditional undergraduate students. The role of the Student Success Specialist is to:

  • Maintain contact with assigned students in order to enhance academic success and increase retention/graduation rates
  • Meet with assigned students in one-on-one sessions in order to increase motivation, encourage achievement, monitor academic success and assess student’s ability to persist to the next semester/academic year
  • Foster discussion on such topics as classes, study habits, major selection, student interaction, family relationships, and campus involvement
  • Provide immediate (24-48 hour) follow-up on all early alert referrals
  • Direct students to the appropriate resources available to help ensure their success

Student Success Specialists

The Student Success Specialists are located in Bristol Hall 110.

Students can determine to which Student Success Specialist they are assigned via the Student Portal,