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Business Office

Phone: 423.652.4718

I have a credit on my account; can I use this for a commuter meal plan or to purchase items from the bookstore?

Yes, come by the Business Office or Bookstore, or go to the student portal under My Student Forms>Tornado Bucks (There’s a page describing what they are, & then a page to authorize, which needs to be printed, signed & returned.)

What happens if I don't use all of my meal plan money?

Your dining hall meals end at the end of each semester but your dining dollars roll over from fall to spring semester. All meal plans end at the end of spring semester. Meal plans must be renewed every semester.

Can I leave a credit balance on my account to help with any subsequent charges or to help for next semester?

Credit balances are no longer allowed to be left on the account.

Why do I have a Business Office hold?

You could have an outstanding balance or we need a promissory note from you. It could also mean that you have a withdrawal hold.

If I have money coming from an outside scholarship or a state prepaid, why won't that clear my hold?

We do not consider these as guaranteed funds in order for us to clear the hold. The student can go ahead and pay the balance due, and then when we receive the funds, a refund may be requested via a check request.

How much is the overload fee if I go over 20 hours?

$300.00 per credit hour unless you are auditing the class that put you over the 20 hours.

How do I get a refund of my credit balance?

Go to Student Portal>My Finances>Refund Request

Do I have to fill out a check request every semester?


When will I get my refund?

If you have completed a check request and it is after the tenth day of the semester, your refund will be processed the following Wednesday. Refunds are only processed on Wednesday's and the check request form must be in the Business Office by Monday at 8:00 am.

When can I get my refund if I have a plus loan?

Plus loan refunds are issued the same time as all other refunds. Unless we have a letter on file stating for any remaining balance to be paid to the student, the refund will be issued to the parent.

I'm a Graduate & Professional Studies student and my employer is reimbursing me for tuition.  What type of documentation does the Business Office need?

Each semester, you must provide the Business Office with your employer's policy that states exactly how much they are reimbursing, a letter from the company on their letterhead stating that you are eligible for the benefit, and a completed and signed KU Promissory Note.

I am an employer reimbursed student, when is my payment due?

Payment is due within three weeks of each course, regardless of whether you have been reimbursed or not. The Promissory Note agreement is between King & the student. If you do not pay within the three week period, there will be a hold on your account.

I am a GPS student, am I eligible for the student medical insurance?

King no longer offers a medical insurance policy to its students.

I am an employer reimbursed student and my employer needs an itemized bill for reimbursement purposes, is this available?

Yes, those are available on the student portal.

I've already completed & submitted an Employer's Reimbursement Form. Do I have to fill it out again?

A new form must be submitted EACH semester in order to be considered employer reimbursed & remove a hold.

I have not received my grades yet, so how can I get reimbursed from my employer & pay King?

The hold is not placed on the account if you are employer reimbursed (must have submitted promissory note & all documents to be ER

When will I get my insurance card?

You can print insurance cards from the insurance company's web site.

I purchased the King Student Ins. I'm getting bills from the doctor's office.  How do I check on this?

You may check a claim status by going to

How do I get my tax information for the Tuition I paid last year?

It is online at Enter name & SS#, & a statement will be mailed as well. We use a 3rd party to process the Form 1098-T.

When will I receive my 1098T form?

The 1098T forms will be mailed out by Jan 31 and you may also access the information by logging into

Where can I buy stamps?

The Business Office has stamps.

Where can I go to get change for the vending machines and laundry?

The Business Office can provide change.

Can I cash a check on campus?

Yes, you may cash a check up to $100 in the Business Office. There is an also an ATM in the lower level of Maclellan Hall, across from the King's Den.

Why can't my parents get information on my account, & how can I allow them to do so?

The student must set up a PIN # on their account through the Registrar's Office.

What are the Business Office hours?

The Business Office is open Mon - Thurs, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. - 5pm.  We do not close for lunch.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What is the Dorm Damage Deposit?

It is a one-time deposit that is fully refundable once you leave King if the residence hall is left in good condition.