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King University's Dining Hall and King's Den are more than just places to eat. You'll quickly find out they'll become central places in your social life. You'll meet new people, hang out with friends and share campus experiences with both resident students and commuters.


Campus Residents

As a campus resident, you'll be automatically enrolled in a meal plan when you register for the residence hall. At your orientation session, you'll receive your student ID card, which allows you to eat at the Dining Hall and the King's Den.

Commuter Student

If you're a commuter students, your needs are different from residential students. The King University Dining Services offers a variety of options.

You may purchase the Unlimited Access Plan. This is the same plan residential students purchase. It allows you unlimited access to the Dining Hall's meals.

Many commuters have found they need less access to campus dining. If you feel this is your case, you have other options:

Block Meal Plans:

This plan gives you a determined number of meals to use at your discretion throughout the semester. Block plans allow you to eat in the dining hall any time it is open.

Flex Dollars:

Flex dollars are optional and may be purchased for as little as $50 and deposited into a debit account. You'll use your Student ID card like a debit card in the King's Den Snack Bar to buy meals or snacks. Or, you can purchase meals for friends or family members in the Dining Hall. With flex dollars, you do not have to carry cash. Plus, you know at all times how much money you have in your account. Money can be added to this account at any time throughout the semester in $25 increments. You may purchase meal plans or flex dollars in the Dining Hall or the Business Office.


Dining Hall

You'll eat most of your regular meals in the Dining Hall. Serving a variety of meals three times a day, you can choose from a hot or continental breakfast, or from a variety of entrées, deli style sandwiches and a salad bar for lunch or dinner. Located on the main floor of Maclellan Hall, the Dining Hall offers a variety of contemporary American entrées, ethnically inspired foods, vegetarian selections and much more.

As you stroll through the "market" style cafe, you will enjoy buffet dining from the following "stations:"

  • King Sweets offers delectable desserts baked fresh daily.
  • Village Nouveau offers something light to accent any meal or when you're not so hungry. Assorted jams, jellies and toppings are available.
  • Back Alley Bistro offers a variety of 'specialty' bars ranging from Baked Potatoes and Tacos to fish and chicken.
  • Farmers Plaza offers fresh home cooked foods, abundant with two entrées and many vegetables to choose from daily.
  • Peppermill Grill features lighter and healthier items as well as burgers, hot fries and an assortment of specialty sandwiches round out the menu.
  • Market Square Deli is known for its delicious sandwiches and variety of breads.
  • FRESH4U offers rotating food themes personalized for you by our chef. Choose from Pasta, Asian, Wraps and more.

King's Den

The King's Den offers a wide selection of chips, cookies and other snack foods, as well as soft drinks and smoothies. It is open for lunch and late-night snacking. The King's Den is the place to go if you're looking to grab a snack, drink or a quick meal on your way to class, the gym or a study session.