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Living Learning Communities at King

honos program sealLiving-Learning Communities (LLCs) are academic programs that partner with part or an entire residential community. In addition to living amongst students in the same major, college, academic focus or program, we bring events around this program to you in the building.

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, Residence Life in partnership with the Snider Honors Program will launch the Honors Living Learning Community. This is a pilot program that is available to both returning and incoming members of the Snider Honors Program. There will be a designated area in two of our halls for this program. The female students will be housed in the first floor of Parks Hall, closest to the Dining Hall. The male students will be housed on the first floor of Liston Hall, closest to the Kline Gym. 

Honors Housing in Hyde and Liston Suites will still be available for upper classmen students who meet the qualifications ONLY, however, not everyone that wants to be part of these two areas will get in. This is why we want to offer a larger area to our Honors Students. 

Based on data gathered from the Residence Hall Satisfaction Survey, these designated areas will have stricter quiet hours and RAs that are members of the SHP. We plan to let SHP students move in early to avoid the NASCAR Race traffic. We also plan to partner with the Snider Honors Program to bring a few of the SHP events to you in the Residence Halls.

If you are interested in being part of this new Living Learning Community, please send your intent via email to