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Transfer Equivalency Self-Service

  1. The lab portion of Science courses will only be transferred if the lecture portion of the class is passed. (e.g. BIO 101: Introduction to Biology and BIO 101L: Introduction to Biology Lab must both have a passing grade.) If the lecture portion is passed and not the lab, the lecture course will only transfer as a General Elective credit.

  2. We do our best to match courses based on title. However, many institutions review courses periodically and may change the course name or course ID. The Transfer Assessment team works diligently to catch these types of changes. If you feel that the team missed a course that is falls under this category, contact

  3. Courses that are similar in content or title and in the student’s intended major at King University will need to be reviewed if an equivalent is not showing.

    (Refer to Petition Process)

  4. Some courses are only applicable to specific majors (such as HCAD and HINF Electives). These courses may show only as an HCAD elective or a HINF elective but may apply to either program. Additionally, some courses are not applicable to both programs and may just be transferred as one or the other. This decision will be finalized once the Transfer Assessment team has conducted an official Transfer Evaluation.

  5. Some Information Technology courses require two transfer courses to meet a King University equivalent. One course will be used to fulfill the equivalent, and the other will transfer as elective credit. This will not be shown on the transfer equivalency site and will be finalized once the Transfer Assessment team has conducted an official Transfer Evaluation.

  6. Associate of Applied science courses (career and technical related) may not be accepted for transfer.

Course not listed:

Courses not currently listed in our equivalency database and not considered to be a General Education course from your prior institution will need to be petitioned for review. (Refer to Petition Process on the Transfer Credit home page)

Institution is not listed:

If your prior institution is not listed in our equivalency database, don’t worry! We will review your transcripts upon acceptance into King University. If there is additional information needed or petitions that need to be completed, you will be contacted by the Transfer Assessment Team or your Enrollment Counselor.


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