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Do I get my diploma at the graduation ceremony?

Diplomas will not be distributed at the graduation ceremony. One diploma per student is printed.
Final grades for graduates are not due until after the Graduation ceremony. Therefore, once all graduates have been verified and honors have been finalized, diplomas will be ordered.

Diplomas are normally available for pick up within six weeks after the conferral date.DIPLOMA

If our delivery comes earlier, we will contact you by email (King student email account) about the new shipment date.

Once diplomas are received, they will be available for pick up. 


What name is printed on my diploma?

Your name will appear on your diploma as indicated on your ‘Intent to Graduate’ form.

How do I have my diploma sent to me?

The Office of the Registration and Records will send your diploma via USPS.
If your address is not correct in your student portal, you will need to contact the Office of Registration and Records as soon as possible and before your conferral date, to change your address.  

If your address is not up to date and a diploma is mailed, there is a $30 reorder fee if the previous diploma is not returned by the postal service.
If you wish to pick up your diploma, please contact

If your diploma is returned to us as undeliverable, we will contact you by phone.


Can I order an additional diploma?

To order an additional diploma you will need to send an email to your request. There is a $30 fee for all reorders.


How do I remove a hold on my account?

If you have a hold on your account, your diploma will not be issued until the hold is resolved.  You may review the type of hold on your account within your student portal.