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2016 - 2017 Academic Catalog

Complete Academic Catalog 2016 - 2017

Introduction and History of King University 

Title Page

The Mission and Vision of King University

The History of King University

Instructional Site Locations

Alumni Association

Summary of Enrollment

Policies and Procedures (2.01.010 – 2.06.080)


2.01.010: The Application Process

2.01.020: Applying for Admission as a Freshman

2.01.030: Academic Preparation

2.01.040: Advanced Standing

2.01.050: Applying as a Transfer Student

2.01.060: Applying for Readmission to the University

2.01.070: Admission of Part-Time Students

2.01.080: International Students

2.01.090: Acceptance Criteria for Undergraduate GPS Programs

2.01.100: Acceptance Criteria for Graduate Programs

Financial Information

2.02.010: Full-Time Traditional Student Cost Structure

2.02.020: GPS Student Cost Structure

2.02.030: Additional and Part-Time Fees

2.02.040: General Financial Information

2.02.050: Payment of Student Accounts

2.02.060: Refunds

2.02.070: Military Mobilization Policy

Financial Aid

2.03.010: Financial Aid Application Process

2.03.020: Financial Aid Facts

2.03.030: Sources of Financial Aid

2.03.040: Financial Aid Policies

2.03.050: Title IV Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

2.03.060: Academic Progress

2.03.070: Appeals

2.03.080: Appeal Deadline

2.03.090: Additional Financial Aid Information

2.03.100: Qualitative Standards

2.03.110: Quantitative Standards

Student Life

2.04.020: Student Affairs

2.04.030: Honor Code

2.04.060: Student Complaint Procedure, Tennessee

2.04.070: Student Complaint Procedure, Out of State Instructional Locations

2.04.080: Inclement Weather

2.04.090: Annual Security Report

2.04.100: Title IX

Academic Policies

2.05.010: Degrees Offered

2.05.020: Program Length

2.05.030: Declaration of Major

2.05.040: Declaration of Minor or Concentration

2.05.050: Minimum Residence Requirements

2.05.060: Taking Courses at Other Institutions

2.05.070: Grade Requirements in the Major and Minor

2.05.080: Limitation of Physical Education Activity Courses

2.05.090: Application for Degree and Financial Obligation

2.05.100: Comprehensive Assessment, Core Curriculum

2.05.110: Comprehensive Assessment, Major Field

2.05.120: Participation in Commencement Exercises

2.05.130: Time Limit for Completion of Degree Requirements

2.05.140: Three-Year Baccalaureate Degree

2.05.150: Completing an Additional Major or Degree After Earning Bachelor's Degree

2.05.160: Completing a Minor After Earning Bachelor's Degree

2.05.170: Graduation Requirements

2.05.180: Requirements for Previously Earned Degrees

2.05.190: Awarding Posthumous Degrees

2.05.200: Classification of Students

2.05.210: Definition of Credit Hour and Equivalencies

2.05.220: Orientation and Advising

2.05.230: Placement for Composition Courses

2.05.240: Registration and Change of Schedule

2.05.250: Last Day to Add a Course

2.05.260: Late Arrival Policy

2.05.270: Audits

2.05.280: Withdrawal from a Course

2.05.290: Withdrawal from the Institution

2.05.300: Limitation of Hours

2.05.310: Class Attendance

2.05.320: Children or Visitors in Classes

2.05.330: Pass/Fail Policy

2.05.340: Final Examinations

2.05.350: Repeat Coursework

2.05.360: Grading, Grade Reports, and the Quality Point System

2.05.370: Change of Grades

2.05.380: University President's and Dean's Lists

2.05.390: Academic Standing

2.05.400: Academic Appeals

2.05.410: Leave of Absence

2.05.420: Records and Transcripts

2.05.430: Prior Learning Assessment

2.05.440: International Baccalaureate Program

2.05.450: Summer Term

2.05.460: Taking Courses at Other Institutions

2.05.470: Online Education

2.05.480: Online and Distance Learning, Student Privacy

2.05.500: Course Evaluations

2.05.510: Transfer of King Credits

2.05.520: Continuing Education Unit

2.05.530: Academic Amnesty

2.05.540: Academic Honors

2.05.550: Honors in Independent Study

2.05.560: Chapel, Convocation, and Service Credit

2.05.570: Course Substitution

2.05.580: Counting Courses for More than One Requirement

2.05.590: Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy

2.05.600: KING Courses

Programs, Services, and Honors

2.06.010: The R.T.L. Liston Medallion for Academic Excellence

2.06.020: Graduate and Professional Studies

2.06.030: Quality Enhancement Plan

2.06.040: Academic Center for Excellence

2.06.050: King University Libraries

2.06.060: Information Technology

2.06.070: The Jack E. Snider Honors Program

2.06.080: King Institute for Faith and Culture

Pre-Professional Programs

Cooperative Education

Off-Campus Internships



Teacher Education

       Study Abroad

Center for Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

Academia Latinoamericana de Espanol

American Institute for Foreign Study

Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad Programs

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

CCCU Programs

European Business Studies Program

Institute Jacques Lefevre

International Exchange Opportunities

International Studies Abroad

King in Italy

Knowledge Exchange Institute

Kukulcan Institute

Middle East Studies Program

Middlebury College

Oregon Extension

Pacific Asian Business Studies

Pacific Rim and Asian Exchange Programs

General Education

The Core Curriculum


Academic Programs (A-Z)

Associate of Arts

Appalachian Studies Minor

Athletic Training (BS)

Biblical Studies (BA)

Biblical Studies Minor

Biochemistry (BS)

Biology (BS)

Biology (BA)

Biology Minor

Business (BA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Business Administration Minor

Master of Business Administration for Professionals (PMBA)

Master of Business Administration (TMBA)

Chemistry (BS)

Chemistry Minor

Coaching Minor

Communication (BS)

Criminal Justice (BS)

Criminal Justice Minor

Criminal Justice, GPS Program (BS)

Digital Media Art and Design (BA)

Digital Media Art and Design Minor

Economics Minor

Elementary Education, Interdisciplinary Studies

Elementary Education Minor

Elementary Education, GPS Program

Education Licensure, Secondary Education

Master of Education, Curriculum Instruction (MEd)

Master of Education, Teacher Leaders (MEd)

ESL Endorsement

Physical Education, K-12 Licensure

Teacher Education, Undergraduate Programs and Endorsements

Teacher Education, Biology

Teacher Education, Chemistry

Teacher Education, English

Teacher Education, French

Teacher Education, History

Teacher Education, History with Government

Teacher Education, Mathematics

Teacher Education, Music

Teacher Education, Physics

Teacher Education, Spanish

Health Education Minor

English (BA)

English Minor

English, Online (BA)

Forensic Science (BS)

French (BA)

French Minor

Health Informatics (BS)

Healthcare Administration (BS)

History (BA)

History Minor

History, Online (BS)

Information Technology (BS)

Intercultural Studies Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies (BA/BS)

Leadership Minor

Mathematics (BS)

Mathematics Minor

Music (BA)

Music Minor

Neuroscience (BS)

Nursing (BSN)

Nursing for Registered Nurses (BSN)

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Administration (MSN)

Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Educator (MSN)

Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN)

Master of Science in Nursing, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (MSN)

Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Philosophy (BA)

Philosophy Minor

Physical Education, Non-licensure (BA)

Physics (BA/BS)

Physics Minor

Political Science and History (BA)

Political Science Minor

Psychology (BS)

Psychology Minor

Psychology, GPS and Online (BS)

Religious Studies (BA)

Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies, Online (BS)

Security and Intelligence Studies (BA)

Security and Intelligence Studies Minor

Social Work (BSW)

Social Work Minor

Social Work, GPS (BSW)

Spanish (BA)

Spanish Minor

Theatre (BA)

Theatre Minor

Youth Ministry (BA)

Youth Ministry Minor

Academic Structure

Academic Structure

College of Arts and Sciences

Peeke School of Christian Mission

School of Behavioral and Health Sciences

School of Business

School of Communication, Information, and Design

School of Education

School of Nursing

Course Descriptions

Appalachian Studies

Applied Music

Athletic Training



Business Administration



Criminal Justice

Digital Media Art and Design



English Composition


Fine Arts




Health Informatics

Healthcare Administration




Information Technology

Intercultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies




Liberal Studies






Physical Education


Political Science



Social Work


Technical and Professional Communication


Youth Ministry

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations (List)

Faculty and Staff Listing

Academic Affairs

Academic Center for Excellence

Administration and Finance


Development and Enrollment Management

Facility Services

Faculty Emeriti

Full-Time Faculty

Information Services/Technology

King University Libraries


Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty

President's Office

Registration and Records

Student Affairs

Student Financial Services

The Learning Commons


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