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King Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign to Update Biology Labs

BRISTOL, Tenn., February 21, 2017 King University is currently raising funds to purchase a refrigerated ultracentrifuge for King’s Biology Labs. With $8,000 already committed, King’s goal is to raise at least $12,000 more to cover the estimated $20,000 for the equipment purchase. Any additional funds received will be used cover other equipment needs in the Biology labs.

“The science departments at King take great pride in treating our students as amazing individuals, with unique interests and career goals,” said Laura Ong, Ph.D., assistant professor of Biology at King. “Just within the past few years, King has helped them prepare for careers as diverse as medicine, engineering, toxicology research, genetic counseling, and even bioterrorism policy.”

President Alexander Whitaker, in his freshman year as the University’s leader, has outlined three areas of initial focus for King University: to ensure academics at King are first-rate, to continually upgrade and improve our facilities on the Bristol campus, and to be intentionally Christian in everything that we do.

“As part of our renewed commitment to the Bristol campus and our traditional students, King will undertake numerous special projects over the next few months and years to improve the appearance and functionality of our facilities, as well as upgrade equipment and technology,” stated John King, vice president for Development.

“As we continue to update our lab instrumentation and facilities, one of our greatest needs is for a refrigerated ultracentrifuge, along with some other equipment for the laboratories,” said Vanessa Fitsanakis, Ph.D., associate professor of Biology at King. “The ultracentrifuge is equipment that can be found in the labs of larger, research University’s and will be used in our labs for pharmacology, hematology, molecular genetics, and microbiology experiments.”

Assistant Professor and Chair of King’s Biology Department Kelly Vaughan, Ph.D., noted, “An ultracentrifuge will enhance our students’ learning both in their advanced lab courses and in independent research experiences by allowing us to conduct advanced experiments. Your contributions to this effort will boost our students’ preparation to the next level, as they enter medical and research careers in service to their communities.”

Cody Rogers, a senior majoring Biology, had this to say about the possibility of King obtaining its own refrigerated ultracentrifuge: “While I’ve been at King, I’ve been a microbiology lab assistant, and I am completing an honor’s thesis in the neurotoxicology research lab. That intense, hands-on experience has really boosted my confidence, and I would love to train with the same technology I will see next year in my doctoral degree program.” Demisha Porter, also a senior Biology major working on an honor’s thesis and aiming toward graduate school in the fall, echoed the sentiment when discussing her experience at a competitive research internship over the summer: “I felt well prepared in my knowledge and skills coming from King.  I just had to get familiar with how to use more advanced lab equipment.”

“We greatly appreciate all of the support we receive for the University and hope you will partner with us to make these important updates to the Biology labs a reality. Please take advantage of this important opportunity to invest in the lives of our deserving students,” commented King.

Join Our Rally and Spread The Word!

There are two ways you can help us make this important project a reality.

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