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What’s the Fastest Way to Get HELP?

We have all had those moments when we need a helping hand and aren’t sure where to turn. Maybe you are having trouble with Blackboard, or your emails are not coming through; maybe your printer stopped working altogether; or your professor just assigned a paper to be written in APA style and you need some guidance. . .  The quickest way to get help with these issues and more is to email the correct department on campus.

Here is your quick and easy guide to some of the most common problems encountered.


  • Live chat
  • Phone number to call for help
  • List of problems and solutions to self diagnose



  • Email issues
  • Can’t get your printer to work
  • Trouble with the projector in class
  • Portal login problems



  • How do you find resources for a paper?
  • What is APA style?
  • Where can I print my paper?