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‘Don’t let anything hold you back:’ Haley Carpenter Shares Her 2017 Mission Experience

Article by Matthew Miyares, Kay-See-An Editor

Haley Carpenter spends her afternoon having fun with the village children.MANAGUA, Nicaragua, October 2017 – Haley Carpenter, senior, is pursuing a major in Security and Intelligence and a minor in Psychology. She spent a week of her summer experience in Managua, Nicaragua, where she served with her church on behalf of the Because We Care missionary program. “My church goes every year, and I always felt I was too young; I’m in college now, and I knew it was time to go,” Carpenter says.

On the Ground

“This mission trip was broken up into two parts: mornings and afternoons,” Carpenter explains.

“The mornings started out with devotions, which provided an opportunity for us to share our testimonies. We were then broken up into guys and girls; guys helped build houses while girls played with the kids at different schools and shared the Gospel. The afternoons were mainly occupied by village work, but I was most excited to spend time with the families, cook for them, and just have fun. I was amazed at the fact that many villages had phones, but not the necessary living commodities,” Carpenter continues.

Personal Experience

“I regret I didn’t go years ago; it’s so sad,” Carpenter states.

“Culturally, it wasn’t really hard to adjust. Actions such as selling on the street set them apart from our culture. As expected, the water was unsafe to drink, but I wasn’t ready to face that. Only ladies would engage in extended conversations (which was difficult to understand), and overall their culture is predominantly Catholic (although most consider themselves Christians) sadly not knowing who Jesus is,” Carpenter says.

“Even the little things made them happy, which challenged me to appreciate everything. They were recording us; which made church exciting. Children would repeat after us, and we would repeat after them (even though we had no idea what they were saying),” Carpenter continues.

“The hardest part for me was hearing other people’s testimonies, and breaking down in the middle of them. These were people I went to church with; we were all here for one purpose, but we all had different redemption stories,” Carpenter concludes.