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King University News :: Your Vote Can Help King Win $5,000 for the Annual Fund for Scholarships & Programs

King needs your vote! First Tennessee Bank is turning 150 on March 25, 2014. To celebrate, they are going to give away $5,000 a day to eligible nonprofit organizations. King University will compete to win one of the daily giveaways. Winners are selected based on the number of cumulative online votes the nonprofit receives. Your votes will continue to count throughout the 150 Days of Giving, until our organization wins or the 150 Days of Giving ends. Winners will be announced daily.

Here’s how you can help! Visit and vote for King University. No registration is required and you can vote each day from any device – PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone – with a different IP address. It’s super easy! Just go to and type in King University at the search bar, then click vote. That’s it. Encourage your friends and family to vote too!

Should King University win, the funds will be designated for the Annual Fund for Scholarships Programs, benefitting King students with financial support.

We hope you will take time out each day to vote for King. If the University has not been declared a winner by the week leading up to King’s Spirit Week and Dogwood Weekend, (April 7-13) we want to ask that you make a special effort to vote daily during that week. Voting began on March 10 and runs through August 21. Be sure to vote at least once per day from each of your electronic devices! Remember, your votes will continue to count and accumulate throughout the 150 Days of Giving.

So, vote and vote again!!