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King University News :: Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Classes

The thought of giving up vacation time during the summer months is not something that makes everyone jumps for joy. But, have you ever stopped to think of all the benefits you can get just by spending a few weeks of your summer break in the classroom?

Here are just 10 of the reasons to sign up today for summer term.

10. Relieve your workload for next semester.

9. Take a class you've not been able to fit in your schedule.

8. Get in extra classes towards a minor or second major.

7. Concentrate on just one or two courses at a time.

6. Shorter, more intensive classes.

5. Great time to take more challenging courses.

4. Smaller class size allows for even more personalized instruction.

3. Improve your GPA.

2. Price - cost per credit hour is substantially less expensive.

And the number one reason to sign up for classes this summer is...

1. You can graduate early by taking extra courses during the summer term.

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