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King University News :: Third Issue of SISJournal Released by King Institute for Security & Intelligence Studies

BRISTOL, Tenn., September 24, 2014 – The King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies (KSIS) has released its third issue of the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal (SISJournal). The third edition of the student-led, undergraduate academic publication focuses on ‘Security, Intelligence, and the Scientific Discipline.’ The journal is currently available on

“The idea behind the theme came from the students,” said Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis, director of the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies and assistant professor of Political Science for King. “There are many people that have scientific expertise who have an interest in working for intelligence agencies. These agencies have a great interest in hiring people with scientific training. The main question is how can science and technology assist security and intelligence agencies.”

Submissions were received from all across the United States with several submissions from overseas. “We had more than 40 submissions, of which ten ultimately were chosen for inclusion in the journal. The ten that were chosen represent the best of what we received.”

Articles selected for inclusion in the SISJournal are “The CIA and Climate Change: Domestic Politics Overriding National Security Concerns;” “Innovation Deficits in Technology: Challenges for American Intelligence;” “Combatting Biological Threats: Bioforensics Before and After Amerithrax;” “HUMINT vs TECHINT: A Forced Intelligence Dichotomy;” “The Keystone XL Pipeline: Oil Dependency and Domestic Terrorism;” “Forensic Finance: National and International Security Applications;” “Life Science or Death Science: Mitigating the Threats of Biological Information;” “Healthcare in the Occupied Territories: The Effects of Israeli Security on Palestinian Healthcare;” “Natural Disasters and Nation-Mentoring: Haiti – A Test Case in Need;” and “The Anonymous Group: Dissidence, Cyber-Terrorism, and Government Response.”

One goal set by the student-led editorial team is to keep high standards for the content included in the journal. What is included in the journal is determined ultimately by a set of peer reviewers. The SISJournal is a double-blind journal where peer reviewers do not know who the authors are; also, the authors do not know who the peer-reviewers are. The universities represented in the journal include Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland; American Military University in Charles Town, W.V.; Bellevue University in Bellevue, Neb.; and King University in Bristol, Tenn.

In July of 2013, the SISJournal was included on the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) official list of student-run peer-reviewed publications from other universities such as Stanford, Notre Dame, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Univ. of Maryland, and Brown University. A key reason for the SIS Journal’s inclusion on CUR’s list is that the it is the world’s only student-led scholarly journal focusing exclusively on intelligence, security, terrorism, geopolitics, and international relations.

“This is by far our strongest issue yet in terms of the quality of the work,” says Fitsanakis. “These are exceptional papers on subjects that are hard to find even in graduate literature. It is wonderful to see the quality of work and expertise developed by the undergraduate authors included in this journal.”

The third issue of the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal is available for purchase at Amazon at for $8.10.

For more information about the SISJournal, visit  To learn more about the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies, visit or contact Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis at 423.652.6014 or


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