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King University News :: Studies and Stewardship Abroad

I had an amazing summer! It started in May with my participation in King College's Italy studies program. I was fortunate to join an amazing group of students and faculty in a month-long sojourn to the Tuscany region of Italy. Our home base for the month was the idyllic hilltop town of Montepulciano. It was everything I imagined a Tuscan village to be--winding cobblestone streets, ancient edifices, beautiful churches, great food, and wonderful people. I took classes with Dr's. Rohr, Knowles, and Strang and found each expanding my understanding of the world in which I live.

Our KC group traveled to both Florence and Rome, and on other weekends I was able to travel to places of my own choosing. Venice was simply fantastic! The canal-streets were such an incredible and innovative sight to behold. The city was bursting with life, and rich with vibrant Italian culture.

At the conclusion of our time in Italy, we traveled to Greece where Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis gave us an insider's guide to his country. One day, we were able to visit the ancient city of Corinth. Standing in the midst of the excavated city, I could imagine life during Biblical times. At one point in our tour, we stood at the Bema wall--the very place the Apostle Paul made his defense of faith 2000 years ago.

After an adventure packed month, the KC group headed back to the U.S. My adventure, however, was just beginning! I boarded a flight for Europe and with my Eurail pass in hand began at 2 1/2 week excursion through the continent on my own. From operas in Berlin and Prague, to exploration of the Austrian countryside, and a Sound of Music tour, it was an eye opening experience, especially paying nearly $40 for a hamburger in Switzerland! My favorite experience from this Europe venture most definitely was in Engelberg, Switzerland. I spent my time exploring and hiking some of the most beautiful parts of the Swiss Alps, an experience I will never forget.

After this short adventure on my own, I boarded a plane bound for Nairobi, Kenya. There, I met up with the King College Africa mission team. We spent over a month together working among the Maasai people under the direction of Fred Foy and Cecily Strang, my mom and dad. Dad has been working with the nomadic tribe since 1982 and has taken many student groups over the years to catch a vision of how even a small effort can transform lives in a significant manner. It is exciting to build relationships with people across cultural boundaries and learn we had many more commonalities than differences. One our mission project goals was assistance in the site work of the theological education and rural retreat center, Oldoinyo Kiti, small mountain, located at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dad says this may be King College's newest satellite extension campus. That would be amazing to have a semester to study under both King and African faculty while studying alongside local students in Africa.

I did make it back to Bristol just prior to the fall semester. I did not have much money in my pocket, but I have incredible memories and a better sense of understanding what it means to participate in the transformation of culture in Christ. Thanks to King College, I had an amazing summer! I wonder what is next?