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King University News :: Spirit Rock New Tradition on King Campus

King has a new addition to the campus scenery.  Located between Bristol Hall and Maclellan Hall just off the Oval, you will find a big rock.  This isn’t just any old rock.  This is King’s new Spirit Rock – bringing with it a massive 4.6 tons of spirit! 

“King has seen an immense growth over the last few years.  With the growth of the student body, athletics programs, and campus organizations, we felt the addition of a spirit rock was something not only students but also faculty and staff could use to express their school spirit,” said Emily Loudon, director of Student Life at King. 

Choosing the perfect location was next on the list.  First thought - place it right in the middle of the Oval.  “Though having the spirit rock in the middle of the Oval was an intriguing idea, it wasn’t a viable option.  We definitely wanted a fairly high traffic area, and, through collaboration with Facilities Services, we believe we found the perfect home for the spirit rock,” commented Loudon.  “The perfect spot would need to be well traveled by students, while, at the same time, not getting in the way of other campus activities.  Many thanks to Todd Thomas and the Facility Services team for all of their help.  Without them, this endeavor would not have been possible.”

The 9,200 pound rock was brought in from a local rock quarry in Bristol, Tenn., Vulcan Materials Company. 

Since the spirit rock is new, a few guidelines have been established such as a 24-hour courtesy between paintings.  To view the guidelines, click here

“Keep a watchful eye on this new King tradition as it is established and see how the what artistry adorns the new spirit rock in the days and years to come,” said Loudon.