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King University News :: Renovated King’s Den Offers Additional Options for Students

A fresh menu, a new paint scheme, and a new logo are all a part of the new King’s Den in Maclellan Hall. With everything from cheeseburgers to fried pickles, students will now be able to take advantage of another meal option on campus. Administration had been working with the college’s dining services provider, Aramark, on opening the King’s Den for quite some time. Renovations to the space started over the summer.

“Aramark has really done a nice job at finding a good mix of food for students on campus,” said Dr. Rob Littleton, vice president for Student Affairs. Every menu item uses fresh ingredients and is made-to-order on site.”

Dr. Littleton also commented that the King’s Den has become a high traffic area on campus. It seems like students are enjoying seeing the new changes on campus as well.

In addition to the new menu in the King’s Den, students can still enjoy their favorite snacks from the vending machines, as well as heat up lunches in several available microwaves.

“The new King’s Den offers students, especially commuters, a relaxed place to eat, study, and hang out,” says Amber Deel (’13). “I feel as if the renovation shows that King College is dedicated to helping the student body become a true community.”

The King’s Den is currently open Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. with cash and checks currently being accepted. A credit card machine will be installed in the coming weeks.

You can view the entire menu for the King’s Den by clicking here.