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King University News :: Reception Held for New City Center in Downtown Bristol

Members of King College, Northeast State Community College, and the City of Bristol, along with developer Allen Hurley, president for Vision, and several hundred guests attended a reception on Sunday, December, 11, 2011, in celebration of the new City Center facility in downtown Bristol, and restaurant, 620 State. 

Hurley, the developer for the project, has been interested in the downtown Bristol area for the past 20 years.  The City of Bristol Tennessee recently approached him about the possibility of purchasing the old H.P. King building.  After careful consideration, Hurley and his new company, Vision, decided to purchase the early 1900's property, restore it, and transform it into an event facility with an accompanying restaurant.  The 15,000 square foot event facility will comfortably accommodate groups ranging in size from 15 up to 450. 

This was a natural partnership, said Hurley. Both King College and Northeast State have expressed interest for a number of years to develop campuses in downtown Bristol.  After all interested parties met, a collaborative partnership was created between the four groups.

We are delighted with the new City Center facility, said Dr. Greg Jordan, president for King College.  Allen Hurley has done an outstanding job of restoring the building, and we are confident, when the project is complete in 2012, our Graduate Professional Studies students will have an exceptional facility in which to earn their degree.  This joint venture is an extension of the wonderful partnership we have with Northeast State.

Hurley's plan for the building was to restore it, bringing back the feel of the early 1900's with the oak trim, floors, and the brick walls.  Splashes of pop culture were also added throughout, providing for both a traditional and modern aesthetic all in the same facility.  One original feature of the building we changed the engineering plans in order to keep were the posts on each floor, said Hurley.  There are 90 posts located throughout each floor.  They were just too beautiful to cover up, so we chose to adjust the design and incorporate them.

Hurley considered the first floor entrance way as a downtown Bristol welcome center.  The hallway is lined with 5 55-inch LED television screens that will showcase events taking place in Bristol.  Retailers and merchants will also be able to use this technology to advertise their businesses.

Public partnerships, such as the one with King, Northeast State, and the City of Bristol, are adamant to bringing more business to downtown Bristol, said Hurley.  Our vision is to bring a centerpoint that will allow other businesses to grow, provide for additional traffic flow and encourage new businesses to locate in downtown Bristol that would not have otherwise thought about the possibility.

The downtown Bristol City Center campus facilities for King College and Northeast state are expected to be complete between March and June 2012.