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King University News :: Prospective King Students to Audition for Performing & Visual Arts Scholarships

Prospective King College students will have the opportunity to audition for Performing Visual Arts (PVA) scholarships during King's PVA Audition Day on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012. King offers students the chance to discover and develop their creative talents through majors in music, music education, photography, and theatre.

PVA Audition Day is an exciting chance for prospective students to experience what King's Performing Visual Arts has to offer and to talk with our current students, said Elizabeth Dollar, chair of the Performing Visual Arts department and director of the Theatre program at King College. The faculty looks forward to auditioning and interviewing fresh, young artists who hunger to develop their abilities in a transformative environment.

At King, students will find a community deeply immersed in the arts. A unique aspect of King's PVA program is that anyone can get involved. Students do not have to major in the arts to get the lead in the play or sing in the choir. Students may earn a music, photography, or theatre scholarship while pursuing their other passions through another of King's 80-plus program offerings. Students auditioning for theatre and music scholarships are not required to declare a major for either program. However, to be eligible for photography scholarships, students interviewing must declare intent to major in photography.

Registration begins at 9 a.m. at King's Fine Arts Building with student and parent tracks beginning at 9:30 a.m. Students will participate in an information session and PVA student panel during the morning session, while parents participate in information sessions on financial aid and general college information. Late morning tracks will have both students and parents reconvening for the Radio Drama Troupe, Instrumental Ensemble, Jazz Choir, and photography show.

After enjoying lunch in King's dining hall, auditions for prospective students will be held for choral, instrumental, theatre, and photography. Campus tours will also be available for students and parents at this time.

Students interested in attending PVA Audition Day should contact the admissions office at 800.362.0014 or register online at