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King University News :: Osterhaus appointed to First District Court of Appeal

King alumnus Tim Osterhaus received an appointment to the First District Court of Appeal on May 20, 2013, by Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Osterhaus received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from King College in 1993. After graduating with honors, he went to the University of Virginia where he received his Juris Doctor in 1997.

“During my time at King, initially I planned to go the route of a clinical psychologist. By my senior year, I’d taken an American law class with Dr. Schroeder that I really enjoyed. I also took a number of history classes. By my senior year, I decided that I would pursue law school.

“King prepared me well for law school and a career in law. A liberal arts education by design teaches you how to think. Having to take classes in English, math, science, and classes from various disciplines tends to produce well-rounded students who learn how to think issues through. The other aspect was that my education in the Psychology department was rigorous. The discipline that comes with having to buckle down, study hard, and think through issues while taking it seriously and wanting to do well is another part of then going on to law school.”

After law school, Osterhaus served as counsel in the Florida Department of Education; worked in private practice in Washington, D.C.; and served as a law clerk to U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Ryskamp in West Palm Beach (with a co-clerk who later became his wife).

Just prior to his recent appointment, Osterhaus served as the Solicitor General of Florida under Attorney General Pam Bondi, and Deputy Solicitor General before that, representing the state of Florida and other state agencies in all of Florida’s district courts of appeal, the Florida Supreme Court, federal district and circuit courts, and the United States Supreme Court. His work was distinguished with service awards from the Attorney General and with recognition as “Legal Elite” among government attorneys by Florida Trend Magazine.

In addition to legal practice, Osterhaus taught a seminar class during the 2012-13 school year at the Florida State University School of Law as the Richard W. Ervin Eminent Visiting Scholar Chair.

When asked about his appointment to the First District Court of Appeal and his future plans, Osterhaus commented, “This just a fabulous job! I’m on the younger side of folks who are able to have this job. It is a job that I anticipate having for a long time. That is my hope and expectation.”