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King University News :: Meet King’s SGA President & Vice President

King’s Student Government Association (SGA) has new leadership this year. Elected to the role of president is senior Lauren Miller, who is majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and minoring in Security and Intelligence Studies. The new vice president is senior Bo Pogoloff. His area of study is History with minors in English and Security and Intelligence Studies.

Together, they saw a great opportunity to make a difference through the SGA. “We hope to give the students a strong voice that would be heard from the administrative level down,” said Bo.

“Neither of us had been involved in SGA prior to this year, but I think that was needed – a fresh perspective,” added Lauren. “We are hoping to revitalize that excitement about student government and that [students] can make a difference on campus.”

The SGA has numerous projects on which they are currently working. At the top of the list is budgeting. “This is the one of the first times all campus clubs will feel a positive impact. We recently held a leadership seminar where KSI and Illuminate helped teach other clubs how to be successful. There was a a great turnout. All the clubs have stepped up their game and are taking their responsibilities very seriously,” said Lauren.

Other initiatives the SGA is working on include campus recycling and a transit system. According to Lauren and Bo, ideally the transit system would provide periodic transportation via a van or bus for students who live on campus but do not have their own transportation to explore the region.

Bo commented that they are also going through the SGA constitution and laws. “They are currently a bit piecemeal. We are working to ensure there is consistency and cohesion throughout. This is also helpful for checks and balances. The constitution and laws should be available to students as well as easily understood.”

Lauren added, “We are trying to ensure [the SGA’s] administration is run as openly as possible. We have nothing to hide. We are solely doing this because we want the good of the campus and the people.”

As to the experience of being president and vice president for King’s Student Government Association, Bo commented first saying, “This has been extraordinarily helpful. We are learning management and so much more. For me, for the first time, I’ve had to begin using an agenda, which I check every day. My time management skills have definitely been enhanced.”

Lauren added, “Coming in, there has been a learning curve of getting use to [our new positions]. We have been learning from each other. I’ve been in leadership roles before, and I knew I could lead, but I’m learning to lead in a different way. I’m learning how to have a mass group of people come to a common goal and get something accomplished in a timely manner. It is challenging but extremely beneficial. There are so many great students who have shown an interest. It is rewarding to see how many people on this campus really do want to get involved. This experience is invaluable. What we are taking from this will be with us for the rest of our lives.”

Bo wrapped it up by saying, “It is a very dynamic time at King. It is a great time to be a student at King!”


PHOTO NOTE: Photo by Trung Phan ('15)