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King University News :: King Unveils New Tool Designed to Further Students’ Degree Choices

King University has unveiled a new web-based resource designed to assist students in determining the best academic path for the career they plan to pursue. 

The Career Matrix will produce a digital profile, which in turn matches the student to possible career paths.  The Career Matrix produces a list of jobs, and when the student selects a particular career, the Matrix will then provide a list of majors at King University which would qualify the student to do that job in the future.  Students are also able to explore details about particular majors at King relating to certain career paths. 

“The idea for the Career Matrix began while a number of King faculty and administrators were attending the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) meeting in Dallas, Texas,” said Vande Brake.  “This will be a useful tool for both students and parents going forward to help determine the students’ paths at King and beyond.  What began as a simple idea has developed into a wonderful tool for those planning to attend college straight out of high school as well as for those returning to complete their degree.” 

The user friendly tool located on the King University website at will aid not only the student but also their parents.  Many students have an idea of the career they hope to pursue, but may not be certain which degree path would best lead them to their end goal. 

“The first step in the higher education process is choosing a major,” said Dr. Mark Overbay, program coordinator for Healthcare Administration at King.  “By choosing a major and understanding what a potential career path might be, students tend to become more involved in the college experience and go on to graduate.  The web-based resource developed collaboratively between King’s IT department and the deans, department chairs, and program directors is a tool that will be both fun to use and educational at the same time. 

“The Career Matrix is an ongoing project that ultimately will allow students to discover what a particular major will entail, determine what the outcomes are for that course of study, ascertain what graduate school opportunities may be available if that major were chosen, and finally, learn what careers one could expect,” said Overbay. “Students will be able to not only choose a major but also a career path they would receive value from, making the educational experience both a more satisfying experience as well as a more cost effective one.”

The Career Matrix supports the Student Success Center naturally.  “This is an addition to students’ toolboxes to help them make decisions about their path,” said Finley Green, director of Alumni and Career Services.  “The Career Matrix will serve an additional opportunity of engagement alongside King’s Wager Center for Student Success.”  The Wager Center for Student Success is served by Career Development and Career Services staff.  Green along with Donna Felty, director of Career Development, engages King students in the career planning process and assists them in all phases of this development during their time at the University.  Services include career assessment, career planning and guidance, internship placement, and job search preparation.

“This is a project that closes the loop, demonstrating unequivocally that King's programs not only prepare students for meaningful lives for achievement, but also provide an immediate bridge to a career or calling,” stated Dr. Greg Jordan, president of King University.

“Both Donna Felty and Finley Green have worked assiduously to develop a network of prospective internships and employers,” said Jordan.  “Faculty also collaborate with Career Services and Career Development to expand the Graduate School Network.  These resources are available to all students enabling them to build their individual career paths.  The addition of the Career Matrix reiterates that King University is a life-long resource for professional development and demonstrates the value of the King University experience for students and their families.”

“The Career Matrix is a low-stress opportunity to provide students with information to help them formulate their decisions about both a major and a career path,” Overbay commented.  “Ultimately, the Job Matrix is designed to help students and families not only have an idea of what to expect from a major but, even more ideally, it will celebrate the things that make the King experience unique.  We certainly hope the end result will help both students and their parents to have a more satisfying experience at King University.”


King University is a Presbyterian, master's-level comprehensive university.  Founded in 1867 as King College, the University offers more than 90 majors, minors, pre-professional degrees and concentrations in fields such as business, nursing, law, medical and health sciences, pharmacy, digital media, education, and humanities.  Graduate programs are offered in business administration, education, and nursing.  A number of research, off-campus learning opportunities, and travel destinations are also available.  King University is a NCAA Division II and a Conference Carolinas member with 25 varsity athletic teams.  For more information about King University, visit  King University does not discriminate against academically qualified students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability.  King University is certified by SCHEV to operate locations in Virginia.  For more information, contact the King University office at Southwest Virginia Community College, 309 College Road, Richlands, VA 24641.