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King University News :: King University MSN Nurse Educator Students Participate as Delegates in Tennessee Nurses Association Annual Convention

Three of King University’s Master of Science in Nursing students served as delegates at the Tennessee Nurses Association (TNA) annual convention held in October 2013 in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The meeting is held jointly with the Tennessee Association of Student Nurses. This years’ convention theme was “The Many Dimensions of Nursing.”

The special keynote speaker was The Reverend Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest serving as Chaplain at St. Augustine’s at Vanderbilt University. She is the founder of Thistle Farms and Magdalene, a community of women who have survived prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Stevens spoke on “Spiritual Caregiving: Standing on Holy Ground.”

In addition to the policy discussions, the convention is also a forum for nursing research. During the conference, Dr. Teresa Stephens, PhD, MSN, RN, assistant professor of Nursing for King University, presented a poster detailing results from her recent research project. Her poster was titled: “Twitter, Millenials, and Nursing Education.” Dr. Stephens’ poster considered the prospect of using social media, such as Twitter, as an intervention delivery method in a research study. “This was the first known nursing research study to use Twitter as an intervention delivery method,” said Stephens. “It was a fabulous experience and I have become even more interested in the use of social media and technology in nursing education. The study participants, including the control group, enjoyed the use of Twitter and felt it as supportive. I have found we can not only apply social media as a research method but also we can use it in education as a way to engage our students as an effective learning tool and a way to reinforce course content.”

The MSN Nurse Educator students who attended and served as meeting delegates include Kendrea Todt, Tonya Clark-Davis, and Trina Byrd. All three received their master’s degree on Dec. 13, 2013 from King University.

Kendrea Todt, a nurse for the past 20 years, said of her experience at the TNA convention, “I will declare the conference to be a transformational and pivotal moment in my life. I was both excited and tentative to attend my first political conference. I was able to act as a delegate on behalf of district 5 and that in and of itself was an incredible feeling to realize that my vote/voice was heard.

“I saw political activism at its finest and fiercest moments as I observed nurses who stood their ground professionally and passionately all the while exuding a gifted presence; I was literally awe struck,” added Todt. “I saw the phenomenon of networking from an experiential platform; the connections that I made while at TNA have the potential to be life changing. I was blessed to meet a variety of intelligent and intriguing nurses who were powerhouses in the state’s political arena; everyone I encountered from speakers, to volunteers, to other attendees was approachable, engaging, and ingratiating. I made invaluable connections concerning graduate school and even sensed metaphorical doors were being opened for me.”

The Tennessee Nurses Association was formed in 1905 to develop and pass a law to regulate nursing practice. TNA is a chapter of the American Nurses Association, the lead nursing organization in the United States. Today, the mission of the Tennessee Nurses Association is to promote and protect the registered nurse and to advance the practice of nursing in order to assure a healthier Tennessee.

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