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King University News :: King University Launches Career Matrix for Northeast State Students

King University has entered into a partnership agreement with Northeast State Community College, which enables Northeast State to use King’s proprietary web-based resource, Career Matrix, to assist students in selecting potential career paths. 

“This web-based resource was developed through the collaborative efforts of King’s IT department, the four school deans, department chairs and program directors, along with career development and career service staff,” says Dr. Greg Jordan, president of King University. “We have extended this collaboration with Northeast State Community College as a means to provide students of both schools a resource to assist them in their educational and professional development. Both King and Northeast State recognize that identifying and planning a career path early on is of great benefit to his or her academic persistence and success after graduation. ”

Career Matrix produces a range of career opportunities for the student based on his or her responses to four sets of interest related questions. The profile matches the student to possible career paths, producing a list of potential jobs. After the student selects a particular occupation, Career Matrix generates specific jobs, including salaries. Northeast State Community College and King University offer programming which qualifies the student for the designated career.

“Having the ability to explore potential academic tracks and their relation to career outcomes allows King University and Northeast State Community College to partner in preparing students to begin a career path leading to both an associate and baccalaureate degree,” says John King, vice president of development and enrollment management for King University. “Because of the long partnership and articulation agreements between Northeast State and King, students know with confidence the courses they take at Northeast State Community College leading to their career choice will transfer to King University.”

Previous versions of Career Matrix have only been available through King University and tailored specifically to King’s degree offerings. This version, designed for Northeast State Community College, allows students to explore academic programs available at both King and Northeast State, providing students with a clear path to attain an associate degree, bachelor’s degree that lead to a career.

“Northeast State and King have added another tool to their toolbox to facilitate not only associate degree completion and student transfer from Northeast State to King, but also to better prepare students for employment after degree completion,” says Lana Hamilton, vice president for academic affairs at Northeast State Community College. “We believe this tool allows institutions to better connect students to educators and employers.” 

King University has the original King University version of Career Matrix available on its website at The combined version will be available on

Career Matrix aligns with Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam’s higher education initiative known as Drive to 55. In announcing a goal of having 55 percent of Tennesseans obtain a post-secondary degree by the year 2025, he stated that about 940,000 of Tennessee’s working adults discontinued their higher education without a degree or a certificate. Career Matrix works by helping alleviate the disconnect between the students’ course of study and the skill sets required by employers.

“This is a useful tool for both students and parents going forward to help determine the students’ educational paths as they begin their education and think about potential careers,” says Andrea Hurst, director of career success center at King University. “It is also beneficial to students who are returning to complete their degree or contemplating a change in career.”

King University and Northeast State Community College have been longtime partners in ensuring students in the region receive quality education. The partnership began with an articulation agreement 16 years ago that remains in effect today. Earlier this year, the two schools signed a reverse transfer agreement, which allows students who have transferred to King prior to completing their associate degree at Northeast to have credits earned at King transfer back to Northeast. This arrangement enables the student to complete his or her associate degree at Northeast while also earning their bachelor’s degree at King. 

In addition to its main campus in Bristol and various online programs, King has established 14 campuses and locations across Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. For more information on how you can become a Career Matrix partner, contact Laralee Harkleroad, executive assistant to the President, at or 423.652.4784.  


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