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King University News :: King to Welcome New Students during Three-Day Launch Event

During an activity-packed day, new students will arrive at King on Saturday, Sept. 1, for Launch 2012.  The three-day event, led by Launch Teams consisting of current students, is designed to help undergraduates meet each other and adapt to life on campus. 

The weekend begins with Check-in Mall, which gives these students the opportunity to access numerous services within the one-stop convenience of the Student Center Complex (SCC).  Students are able to receive I.D. cards, talk with faculty members and advisors, and finalize class schedules.  Launch Team members are present to greet students and families, help unload cars, assist with moving students into the residence halls, and give tours of campus.

“King has a wonderful community atmosphere, and we look forward to greeting our new students,” said Elvin Browne, director of undergraduate recruitment and admissions.  “We are anticipating record enrollment numbers again this year.  Launch 2012 is a very exciting event, and for faculty, staff, and our student volunteers, it’s a delight to welcome those who have chosen King as their source for quality, private higher education.”

Students will move into residence halls, greet classmates, enjoy a wide array of activities, and more.  “We engage new students around the clock in fun events and positive social situations,” said Browne.  “Our goal is to immerse them in King’s family oriented environment.”

Following the Check-in Mall, students will gather King’s traditional Oval Walk.  Launch events will also include the Amazing King Race, annual lip sync competition, pool day, ice cream social, and much more.

A complete schedule for the three-day Launch 2012 event for undergraduates is available at  For more information on available degree programs or the Check-in Mall, contact the Office of Admissions at 800.362.0014 or via e-mail at