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King University News :: King Students Can Fulfill Foreign Language & Cultural Experience Requirements through Study Abroad Trip to Montréal and Québec

BRISTOL, Tenn., Oct. 27, 2014 – Are you interested in studying the French language and culture? Throughout the years, cross-cultural exploration has been a major part of King University. King University’s French and Philosophy Departments are offering a trip in the spring that will combine both the culture and French language. King University students attending this trip will receive academic and cross-cultural experience credit. The week-long trip will have students exploring the vibrant cities of Montréal and Québec. The trip is open to any King student; the trip will take place May 6-14.

Leading the trip will be Professor Annie Rémillard, assistant professor of French, who is from Québec, Canada, along with Dr. Craig Streetman, assistant professor of Philosophy.

“Learning through immersion is more than simply being in a different place,” said Rémillard. “Students can actively utilize their skills in language and cultural awareness, learn by way of new experiences, visiting restaurants and museums, and, most importantly, interacting with native French speakers.

Interested students need to both register for the spring semester class and pay a deposit by Nov. 3, 2014. The trip, which costs $2,100, may be paid for in monthly installments. The cost covers round-trip airfare to Montréal and Québec, transportation, hotel, and breakfast. By taking FREN 2100 two semester hours and a trip for two more hours, students will fulfill the core requirement for languages and cross-cultural experience.

In spring 2015, the class will meet pre- and post-trip every Wednesday night from 6 to 7:30 p.m. As part of the French lessons, students will spend time researching monuments, visiting cathedrals and historic sites, and engaging in basic conversation with French speakers.  Students will also travel to Saint-Sauveur Ski Resort for two days.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for King Students to learn French first-hand; to recognize and navigate through the differences of another culture, to not merely make their way through but to thrive,” said Rémillard. “In an ever increasingly small world that is tied together on so many levels, students will need to translate, not only language, but also cultural differences. Whatever their profession of choice, whether students reside in their hometown or choose to live abroad, the ability to navigate cultural differences will be viewed as an asset by employers. The researchers in the field, and to my experience, students who study abroad, develop self-confidence and are better able to adapt to any situation”

The trip will start with a walk around the beautiful city of Montréal and a visit of L’Oratoire Saint- Joseph, Canada’s largest church. Then students have their choice of watching Les Grands Ballets Canadiens De Montreal ballerinas perform beautiful choreography or see the Montreal Canadiens hockey team battle it out on the ice. Following is a trip to Pointe-a-Calliere Museum, the Birthplace of Montréal’s authentic archaeological site.

The second part of the trip will take place visiting the historic city of Québec, Canada’s largest and second most populated province. It is the only Canadian province that is a predominately French- speaking population. Students will be able to practice their language skills and engage in basic conversation with French speakers. The trip will wrap up with a two-day relaxing visit at Saint-Sauveur Ski Resort, which is known for its world-class night skiing and Québec’s longest ski season.

If you are interested in the obtaining cross-cultural experience, as well as fulfilling the core language requirements of FREN 2100, contact Annie Rémillard at 423.652.4804 or, or Dr. Craig Streetman at 423.652.4158 or