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King University News :: King Photography Professors to Showcase Artwork during Art D’Vine Art Show

King College’s Photography department faculty will showcase their artwork at the new City Mug located at 629 State Street during the upcoming Art D’Vine art show in downtown Bristol TN/VA on Friday, July 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

The King College faculty who will be showcasing their work during the Art D’Vine gallery hop includes Chris Stewart, associate professor of Photography and the director for King’s School of Arts Sciences Photography program, and Tammy Mecure, assistant professor of photography. Art D’Vine, a gallery hop and wine tasting on State Street, is designed to engage the community through exposure to a variety of artistic genres.  The public is invited to stroll through participating galleries including Kil’n Time, Benjamin Walls Gallery, 606 State Street Gallery, One of a Kind Gallery, and blowfish emporium.  City Mug is a recent addition to the hop.

Stewart will be showing a selection of unexpected views of the Bristol Motor Speedway.  He has been shooting the races for the last 11 years and knows the track and race fans well.  He knows all the nooks and crannies, traditions, and unusual angles to bring a new perspective to a Bristol tradition. 

Mercure will be showing a selection of portraits from her ongoing series Cavaliers. She has a passion for photographing people and landscapes at events around the Southeast.  The events have ranged from NASCAR races with 160,000 attendees to a group of 20 people recreating the stations of the cross.  “These events seem to show this area's collective love of history and the land,” said Mercure.

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