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King University News :: King Offers Language Course in Biblical Greek for Summer 2013 Session

Anyone interested will learn to translate Greek in only two months

This summer both King students and members of the surrounding community will have the opportunity to study the Greek language during the University’s summer term.  

Students will learn biblical Greek during two five-week summer courses which will take place from 6 – 9 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday during May and June.  

Students as well as pastors and members of the community will have the opportunity to learn the Greek language as well as how to translate the Greek New Testament.  “Pastors in particular may be interested in these courses,” said Dr. Don Michael Hudson, associate professor of Religious Studies and chair of Philosophy and Religion at King University.  “They may have studied Greek previously, but would like to brush up on it, or they may not have taken Greek before and would like to add this to their skillset. 

“My goal, in two months: first, my students will know how to translate biblical Greek, and second, they will be able to use the tools to do in-depth Bible study in the Greek New Testament,” said Hudson.  “In addition to utilizing the knowledge in Bible studies, Greek will prove helpful for students who choose to go on to graduate school or Seminary.” 

Students do not have to have any prior training in Greek to take the courses.  “If people give their time to it, they will be successful in learning biblical Greek,” said Hudson. 

King students who take the summer courses will be able to fulfill their core language requirement, which typically takes two semesters to complete.  Greek courses are also offered during the fall and spring semesters.  Community members are able to audit the courses at a reduced rate compared to taking the courses for credit.

Like Latin, the Greek language is very useful for those planning on medical careers.  “Most medical terms have origins in the Greek language.  Pre-med students would greatly benefit from the study of the Greek language,” commented Hudson.

Hudson added, “While this is biblical Greek, it is structured for students.  However, it is also an opportunity for anyone in the community who would like to spend three nights a week for two months learning the language.  These courses have been very successful in the past.  If those taking the courses do the work, I guarantee they will be able to translate parts of the Greek New Testament by the time the courses are complete; they will be able to utilize the tools they learn for the rest of their lives.”

By the end of the two months, students will translate most of I John and parts of the Gospel of John.  “I’ve taught Greek for nearly 30 years.  With the internet and other digital sources available today, learning Greek is so much easier now than it used to be.  Greek is fun; it’s exciting; it’s hard work, but in the end, two months’ time is well worth it,” said Hudson.

For additional information on summer term Greek language courses, contact Dr. Don Michael Hudson at 423.652.4154 or  Also, visit http://



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