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King University News :: King Kicks Off New Year During Three-Day Launch Event

King College's main campus, located in Bristol, Tenn., was buzzing with activity on Saturday, Aug. 27. Returning students, faculty, and staff welcomed 320 new freshman as the College kicked off Launch 2011, a three-day, activity-packed day event. The College also welcomed 180 working adults into the Graduate Professionals Studies program Saturday.

The three-day event, led by Launch Teams consisting of current students, is designed to help undergraduates meet each other and adapt to life on campus. The weekend began with Check-in Mall, which gives these students the opportunity to access numerous services within the one-stop convenience of the Student Center Complex (SCC).

Students breezed through the Check-in Mall, enjoying little or no wait time to pick up their laptop computers, I.D. cards, and finalize their class schedules, said Greg King, director of undergraduate recruitment for King College. Launch Team members greeted the students and their families, helped unload cars, assisted with moving students into the residence halls, and gave tours of our beautiful campus.

One of the things I love most about Launch is seeing the realization by parents and students that they have officially made it, that they have truly transitioned to a new phase in their lives. commented King. Faculty and staff all work assiduously to ensure this transition into the King community is a smooth one.

Throughout the three-day Launch event students have been enjoying a wide array of activities beginning with the Oval walk led by King's bagpiper. A College tradition, freshman begin their King experience with the Oval walk, then make the same walk four years later for graduation.

Saturday afternoon, students and their families enjoyed watching the Tornado soccer team take down Tusculum College. The Tornado took the game 2-0.

In other weekend activities, students have enjoyed a campus carnival, Launch pool day, complete with sand volleyball and basketball, and tried their luck during casino night. Students heat things up by competing in the Amazing King College Race and annual lip sync competition, then cool it back down with the I Scream You Scream Ice Cream Social.

A complete schedule for the three-day Launch 2011 event for undergraduates is available at For more information or to schedule a visit to King College, contact the Office of Admissions at 800.362.0014 or via e-mail at