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King University News :: King Holds at No. 2, Revelle Races into Rankings

Heading into the weeks that lead toward the 2012 WCWA National Tournament, the latest Women's College Wrestling Association rankings have been released revealing 13 team members in the top-8 of their respective weight classes, including newcomer Krista Revelle. The Lady Tornado also retained their No. 2 rankings in the team national poll.

Revelle, native of Meriden, Kan., burst onto the scene notching a 3-0 record at last weekend's NCWA National Duals in her first collegiate action. She surrendered just two points in her three wins and earned a number-two ranking at the 136-pound weight class in just her first week of action. Revelle joined the Tornado as a first-year student this January after graduating from her respective high school early.

Three King wrestlers took top-ranked spots in their respective weight classes, including Alli Ragan (Carbondale, Ill.) at 143 pounds. Emily Martin (Frisco, Texas) kept her No. 1 rankings for the fifth consecutive month at the 109-pound division and Julia Salata moved up to the 170-pound division where she resides atop the poll.

Kayla Brendlinger (Slippery Rock, Pa.) went from being No. 6 at 123 pounds to the No. 3 spot in the 130-pound weight class. Shannon Constantine (Haverhill, Md.) made a huge jump from the unranked to being named No. 2 at 109 pounds. Samantha Klingel (Kresgeville, Pa.) was tabbed third in the 116-pound division. Complete rankings are listed below.

King remained at No. 2 for the fourth month in a row after moving up two spots in the mid-October ranking. The Lady Tornado will host the 2012 WCWA National Tournament at the Student Complex Center on Saturday, Jan. 28.


1 Oklahoma City 74
2 King 58
3 Simon Fraser 42
4 Lindenwood 37
5 Cumberlands 26
6 Wayland Baptist 25
7 Missouri Valley 19
8 Jamestown 13
9 Menlo 8
10 Waldorf 5

King in the Rankings
101# - No. 2 Shannon Constantine / No. 8 Tatiana Perez
109# - No. 1 Emily Martin
116# - No. 3 Samantha Klingel / No. 7 Kayla Bartosch
123# - No. 5 Sara Hildebrandt
130# - No. 3 Kayla Brendlinger / No. 8 Kat Perez
136# - No. 2 Krista Revelle
143# - No. 1 Alli Ragan
155# - No. 8 Lorrie Ramos
170# - No. 1 Julia Salata
191# - No. 6 Kerri Bumpers


1 Emily Webster Fr. Oklahoma City
2 Shannon Constantine So. King
3 Daphne-Ann Hodgson Jr. Simon Fraser
4 Opelia Felipe Jr. Cumberlands
5 Brianna Rahall So. Oklahoma City
6 Michiko Araki So. Simon Fraser
7 Ofelia Valdez So. Wayland Baptist
8 Tatiana Perez Jr. King

1 Emily Martin Sr. King
2 India Walker Sr. Lindenwood
3 Kristi Garr So. Oklahoma City
4 Michelle Jimenez So. Menlo
5 Laura Richardson Fr. Menlo
6 Britney Heatherly So. Missour Valley
7 Esthefania Jimenez Fr. Oklahoma City
8 Nicole Yarrington Jr. Jamestown

1 Joey Miller Jr. Oklahoma City
2 Chloe Ivanoff So. Simon Fraser
3 Samantha Klingel Fr. King
4 Tessa Ma Jr. Simon Fraser
5 Logan Rich Jr. Oklahoma City
6 Andrea Hughes Sr. Cumberlands
7 Kayla Bartosch So. King
8 Alex Rodriquez Fr. Lindenwood

1 Michaela Hutchison Sr. Oklahoma City
2 Tiffany Sluik Sr. Jamestown
3 Shauna Isbel Jr. Lindenwood
4 Breanna Delgado Fr. Oklahoma City
5 Sara Hildebrandt Fr. King
6 Summer Sistad Sr, Missouri Valley
7 Laura Wilson Sr. Simon Fraser
8 Natlie Rutt So. Jamestown

1 Audrey Morehouse Jr. Oklahoma City
2 Cianah Hee Sr. Cumberlands
3 Kayla Brendlinger Fr. King
4 Laura Gordon Jr. Simon Fraser
5 Roni Goodale Fr. Waldorf
6 Brazel Marques Fr. Menlo
7 Tarkiay Mensah Fr. Wayland Baptist
8 Kat Perez So. King 136#
1 Kerstin Harmon So. Cumberlands
2 Krista Revelle Fr. King
3 Tessa Plana Sr. Oklahoma City
4 Rachael Shannon Jr. Lindenwood
5 Shanice Vernon-Jackson Fr. Wayland Baptist
6 Danielle Curlis Sr. Missouri Valley
7 Hanna Moon Fr. Southwestern CC
8 Breatrize Martinez So. Oklahoma City

1 Alli Ragan So. King
2 Jennifer Page Fr. Oklahoma City
3 Tanya Kusse So. Lindenwood
4 Stephanie Geltmacher So. Oklahoma City
5 Tamyra Mensah Fr. Wayland Baptist
6 Sidney Morrison Jr. Simon Fraser
7 Frances Eflong So. Missouri Valley
8 April Ritts Fr. Waldorf

1 Kristie Davis Sr. Oklahoma City
2 Jenna McLatchy So. Simon Fraser
3 Brittany David So. Lindenwood
4 Valerie Rosales Fr. Wayland Baptist
5 Demi Stub Fr. Oklahoma City
6 Jordan Hagerman Jr. Missouri Valley
7 Sydney Nelson Jr. Cumberlands
8 Lorrie Ramos Fr. King

1 Julia Salata Fr. King
2 Brittney Roberts Jr. Oklahoma City
3 Kendra Lewis Sr. Lindenwood
4 Justine Distassio So. Simon Fraser
5 Heather O'Connor Fr. Oklahoma City
6 Brittany Jones So. Missouri Valley
7 Brenda Mendoza FR. Wayland Baptist
8 Loraine Herrera So. Wayland Baptist

1 Brittany Delgado Sr. Oklahoma City
2 Hillary Greening Sr. Simon Fraser
3 Miriam Moreno Fr. Wayland Baptist
4 Angela Vvborny So. Wayland Baptist
5 Chelse Fleming Jr. Jamestown
6 Kerri Bumpers Fr. King
7 Palamo Basulto So. Missouri Valley
8 Jennette Mitchell So. Cumberlands