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King University News :: King College Unveils New Wager Center for Student Success

The Career Success Center at King College has recently expanded the services it offers, moving forward with a wide range of opportunities for students, including the new Wager Center for Student Success.  An open house will be held on Thursday, Nov. 29 from 2-6 p.m. to celebrate the new success center. 

“Career Services offers a unique experience for King students, integrating career identification with educational programs best designed to meet those goals, translating directly into classroom experience,” stated LeAnn Hughes, vice president of Marketing and Enrollment Management for King.  “The addition of the Wager Center for Student Success, combined with a dedicated and robust job and internship identification process, sets our graduates apart when they begin looking for employment.  This also brings further value to a King College degree.” 

The Wager Center for Student Success is served by Career Development and Career Services staff.  Donna Felty and Finley Green engage King students in the career planning process and assist them in all phases of this development during their time at the college.  Services include career assessment, career planning and guidance, internship placement, and job search preparation.

Felty, director of Career Development, is committed to helping students identify internships and jobs for which King has prepared them.  As a liaison with local businesses and organizations, she works to identify regional internship and employment opportunities for current and graduating students, as well as providing internship placement assistance for King’s traditional MBA students. 

“I am continually building a database of job and internship openings to match students specifically to those opportunities that will most benefit them in pursuit of a degree or a career,” said Felty.   

King begins working with students from day one to help identify the best career path for each individual.  For Green, director of Alumni and Career Services, it’s about working one-on-one with the students, to provide them assistance in resume building, interview skills, internship application, and career guidance.  Green also organizes FOCUS-2 testing with new freshmen

All first-year students participate in FOCUS-2 as part of their First Year Seminar as do transfer students in King 2000. Focus 2 guides students through a validated career and education decision making model to help students choose their major at King and make informed decisions about their career. FOCUS 2 combines five self-assessments, the results of which are incorporated into the student’s classroom experience and coupled with guidance toward developing travel and internship opportunities.

“We meet with freshman and transfer students, following Focus2 completion, to determine where their interests lie and provide additional guidance,” said Green.  Focus2 and CareerShift are available at for all King students and alumni.

Felty and Green are both closely linked with King’s Alumni office, which allows for close communication with alumni for networking to further increase opportunities for students.

The addition of the new Wager Center for Student Success will provide both Felty and Green a broader avenue in helping students.  From hosting webinar sessions to providing a place for potential employers to conduct interviews remotely through Skype, the new center will allow students to see what career opportunities are available to them.

Matt Peltier, associate vice president for student success and dean of students, commented, “By working with Career Services and Career Development, the Wager Center for Student Success is part of an intentional effort to support this commitment with a space dedicated and equipped to helping students be successful.”

“The new student success center will provide students the skills to get a great job, or get into the graduate school of their choice, and set them on the right path towards a successful career,” said Felty. 

“Our hope is to ensure every student that comes through King has as much assistance and effort put into planning for the minute they graduate as possible,” commented Green.  “In addition to the quality academic education they receive while at King, we want students to hit the job market with every skill and ability with which we can provide them.”

The open house celebration will be held in the new Wager Center for Student Success located on the basement level of Maclellan Hall, across from the campus Post Office.  The event will take place on Nov. 29 from 2-6 p.m.  King students attending are eligible to win a door prize every half hour.  A grand prize will be awarded at the end of the event. 

For more information about the Wager Center for Student Success, Career Services, or Career Development, please visit:, or contact Donna Felty at 423.652.4752 or or Finley Green at 423.652.4865 or