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King University News :: King College to Honor Veterans During Special Ceremony

The King College campus will come together to honor America’s servicemen and women during a special Veteran’s Day ceremony to be held on the campus oval on Monday, Nov. 12 beginning at 1:25 p.m.  Due to Veteran’s Day falls on Sunday this year, King will observe the federal holiday honoring Armed Service Veterans on Monday Nov. 12.  

“During a time of conflict and especially after more than a decade of war, it is appropriate for us to stop and recognize those who have stepped up, put on the uniform, and in many cases put the rest of their lives on hold to serve the greater good,” said Dr. Ray Bloomer, ceremony committee member and professor of Physics and Astronomy.

Flags will be placed on the oval honoring those who have fought defending our country. The event will also feature a presentation of the nation’s colors, taps music, and a message from retired Lt. Col. Frank Listner.

“We will also be unveiling a new flag and lighting for the flagpole in front of the E.W. King Building during the ceremony,” said director of student life, Emily Loudon. “The pole will be illuminated and paint an attractive backdrop for our campus.”

Class schedules will be altered around the time of the event to accommodate both students and faculty who want to attend the symbolic event. The campus community is also encouraging students from other satellite campus locations to observe a moment of silence during the ceremony.

“King College is a military friendly college and recognizing our veteran’s here at King College is part of our intent on November 12,” Bloomer added.