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King University News :: King College Students Honored for Accomplishments and Service

King College held its annual honors convocation on Monday, April 18, to honor students for their academic and athletic accomplishments as well as their commitment to community service.  The following students were presented awards in recognition of their achievements:

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award

Tiffany Michelle Anderson

Scott Lee Babb

Tina J. Bell

Teresa Marie Benner

April Dawn Blair

Nancy Katherine Blevins

Adam Lassiter Carrera

Ian Alexander Charles

Hannah Marie Copas

Cody Randolph Davenport

Mark Anthony Davis

Shawn Edward Davis

Gabriel De Repentigny

Ashley Marie Elkins

Kaci Danielle Foster

Laura Danielle Harris

Crystal Rose Harwell

Angela Haynes

Seth David Hitefield

Elizabeth Caley Hyatt

Megan Brittany Johnson

Bradley Warren Ketron

Jonathan Caleb Kiser

Judy Kaye Lawson

Morgan Leigh Machen

Joseph Hollaman Maye

Matthew James McConnell

Phyllis Dianne Moore

Nora Elizabeth Moran

Anastasia Loanna Newman

Torey Danielle Pickard

Debbie Renea Pringle

Abbie Caitlin Roberts

Jacob Rhea Singleton

Kathleen Nicole Smith

John Robert Steffie

Terence Michael Thornton

Victoria Anne Wagner

Stephanie Ann Wettin

Ronald Luke Widner

Brian Adam Yeary


The Student Leadership Award

James Benson Redman

The R.A. of the Year Award

Lisa Drudy

The Bristol's Promise Service Award

Ryan Williamson

The Jack E. Snider Honors Fellows

Kaci Danielle Foster

Sharon Gandy

Seth Hitefield

Caley Hyatt

Dan Johnson

Morgan Machen

The Frederick Buechner Institute Award

Sharon Gandy

The Bible and Religion Award

Joshua Kilgore

The Greek Award

Jacob Singleton

The Philosophy Award

Terrance Michael Thornton

The Graham Landrum Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ian Alexander Charles

The Geneva King Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jonathan Kiser

The 2010 Evelyn W. Snider English Scholarship

Whitney Webb

The French Language Award

Amanda Countiss

The Advanced Studies in French Award

Dan Johnson

The Spanish Language Award

Hannah Witt

Kate Hodges

The Advanced Studies in Spanish Award

Abbie Roberts

The Allen Trousdale Guild Players Award

Nora Beth Moran

Tommy Ricker

The Jerri Whitner Henderson Fine Arts Scholarship Award

Ian Charles

The History Award

Nick Smith

The Women's History Club Award

Laura Harris

The John W. Burgess Award in Political Science

Luke Widner

PSI CHI National Honor Society in Psychology

Katie Lynn Greatti

Brooke Alexis-Gale Johnson

Brittany Nicole Jones

Patrick Jeffrey Milfeld

Morgan Lindsey Shelton

The Natural Science and Mathematics Award

Mathematics - Bethany Wentzky

Biology - Morgan Machen

The Eula Cosby Coffey Awards in the Basic Sciences

General Biology - Emily Ruble

General Chemistry - Kelsey Griffitts

General Physics - Hannah Shankel

The Sara Katherine Stamper Award in Biology

Patrick Jones

The Howard and Pearl Weaver Award in Organic Chemistry

Alex Mink

The Arthur W. King Memorial Scholarship in Physics

Thomas Tilson

The William E. Torbert Memorial

Sarah Anderson

The Outstanding Business and Economics Graduate Award

Torey D. Pickard

The Outstanding BBA Graduate Award

Ashley M. Elkins

The Outstanding MBA Graduate Award

Freddy O. Marino

Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Leadership Award

Katie Lynn Greatti

The Excellence in Student Teaching Award for Elementary Education

Sarah McVey

The Excellence in Student Teaching Award for Secondary Education

Manda Minor

The Outstanding Master of Education Graduate

Amy Sigmond

The Nursingv Honors Award

Elizabeth Caley Hyatt

Bradley W. Ketron

The Catherine Peeke Award

Mary Catherine Luce

The Male Athlete of the Year

Mark Dockery

The Female Athlete of the Year

Marina Lambert

The FCA Athlete of the Year Award

Kaitlyn Musick

Faculty and Student Lecturers for 2010-2011

Faculty Lecturers:            Kevin DeFord

Chris Adams

Student Lecturers:          Dell Joseph Rose

Jacob Rhea