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King University News :: King College Rising Senior Micah Bolden Presents at Philosophy Conference

Micah Sage Bolden is a King College rising senior from Knoxville, Tenn., majoring in both Political Science and History while minoring in Philosophy and Security Intelligence Studies.  On April 14, he presented at George Mason University’s first ever “Philosophy and the Science of Happiness Conference.”  The paper Bolden presented centered on “The Moral Equivocality of Terrorism: A Lesser Evil Approach.”

“The paper was well received by students and faculty alike,” said Dr. Errol Rohr, emeritus professor of Philosophy and director of the Italy Study Program for King College.  “Micah did an outstanding job in his presentation.”

The conference was hosted by the Department of Philosophy at George Mason University.  The keynote speaker, Dr. Erik Angner, associate professor of Philosophy, Economics, and Public Policy for George Mason University, spoke on the conference title. 

Bolden always knew he wanted study history, however, his love for philosophy came after arriving at King.  “My career advisor my first semester gave me a brochure on philosophy, which led me to take a class, titled ‘The History of Philosophy’ by Dr. Errol Rohr, after which I was hooked,” said Bolden.  “I have also taken all of the classes for Security and Intelligence Studies with Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis.  The areas I’m most interested in researching are in security and intelligence studies, however, I enjoy intermingling philosophical ideology within this field.  Ideals we learn in philosophy are applicable to all parts of our lives.  I would like to have a career in international politics, specifically activism.  I eventually plan to work towards my Ph.D. and hope one day to teach at the collegiate level.”

Because the conference was an open forum, presenters spoke on a wide range of topics from the environment to Bolden’s topic of morality and terrorism.  “I chose to speak on terrorism because it is one of my areas of research and I felt it would be interesting to look at terrorism from a philosophical point of view,” commented Bolden.

“Although it was somewhat unusual to present a lecture about terrorism at a conference about the philosophy and science of happiness, it is important for us to understand this topic, to put aside fear and have happiness and fulfillment of life,” said Bolden. 

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