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King University News :: King College Online Offering New Approach to Higher Education

King College is making it easier to earn a degree than ever before.   The traditional educational environment at brick-and-mortar colleges and universities across the nation is not a one-size-fits-all learning model.  Prospective students seeking a college degree come from a variety of backgrounds, with some having limitations preventing them from earning a degree despite their best intentions.

Many prospective students continue to maintain their collegiate dreams of one day finding the time, money, and resources to enroll in a higher education institution to earn their degree. 

Future students have the opportunity to reach their academic goals through King College’s Graduate Professional Studies program.  King now offers busy professionals an accessible way to earn their college degree through a convenient online learning format.

The Online Approach to Higher Education

King College Online offers a new and innovative approach to higher education that puts non-traditional students on an accelerated path toward earning their college degree.  The 100 percent online degrees are designed to benefit non-traditional students who are tackling other life commitments, in addition to their degree program, including obligations to work, family, church, friends and community.

“We are excited to offer the quality of a King College degree through an online format,” stated Micah Crews, associate vice president of enrollment management.  “Students will be able to learn anytime and from anywhere, choosing their own study pace, and plan for their ‘class time’ when it's convenient for them.”

In May 2011, King made both the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Information Technology (BTech) available to students online.  Beginning spring 2012, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN-BSN) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees were added as an online option.

The online environment is ideal for non-traditional students because it provides an opportune learning platform in which to review lecture materials, engage in group discussions and complete coursework. Distance learners have the option of logging in their courses whenever their schedule permits, giving them the flexibility to tailor their degree programs to their daily routine.  With King’s tradition of excellence, students enrolled in a King College Online degree program can rest assured their degree meets the highest quality standards.

King College Online provides an alternative learning environment for non-traditional students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to earn a college degree.  Online degrees enable undergraduate and graduate students who study business, information technology, or nursing to enhance their future and improve their lives through meaningful careers.  Future curriculum development plans include degree diversification in other areas such as psychology, communication, criminal justice and many others.

To find out more information about the King College Online, visit or contact King’s Office of Admissions at or 800.362.0014.