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King University News :: King College Joins National Network For Vocation In Undergraduate Education

King College announced that it has joined the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE), a nation-wide campus-supported network committed to fostering the intellectual and theological exploration of vocation on campuses.  NetVUE is an initiative of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), a national association of more than 600 independent, liberal arts colleges and universities.

Through national and regional conferences, the development and exchange of resources, and participation in online networking, NetVUE will help institutions deepen vocational exploration by their students.  The goals of the network are to share knowledge, best practices, and reflection on experiences among campuses while facilitating the incorporation of additional independent colleges and universities into this enterprise.

In announcing the launch of NetVUE, CIC PresidentRichard Ekmansaid, “Over the past several years, the Council of Independent Colleges has made a commitment to advancing vocational exploration as a guiding force in American independent higher education.  The concept of vocation emerged as a significant factor from various sources and has been applied in different ways for different campus constituencies.  CIC hopes that NetVUE will capitalize on what has been learned about the theological exploration of vocation and how it can be adapted and developed to strengthen colleges and universities, their leadership, and the education they provide for their students.”

Speaking to why King College joined NetVUE, associate professor of History and NetVUE campus contact Shannon Harris stated, “The mission of King College is to build meaningful lives for achievement and cultural transformation in Christ.  King College joined NetVUE to enhance and further this mission, recognizing the value of exploring the role of vocation in undergraduate education, and interested in joining a community of colleges engaged in intellectual and theologically relevant conversations.  King College intends to fully capitalize upon the resources offered by NetVUE, building opportunities for faculty development and enhancement in teaching and learning.  King College will also contribute substantially to the conversation, recognized by other higher education institutions as taking leadership and initiative on questions of vocation, as exemplified by the Buechner Institute.”

NetVUE is generously supported by Lilly Endowment Inc., which has funded similar programs over the years.  “We have discovered,” said Craig Dykstra, Lilly Endowment’s senior vice president for religion, “that structured programs that encourage and guide students in the theological exploration of vocation do indeed help them draw on the wisdom of their religious traditions as they make decisions about their futures and figure out how to lead lives that really matter.  We have been approached by hundreds of colleges and universities seeking to enhance their educational programs by incorporating vocational reflection more intentionally into their curricular and co-curricular activities. We are delighted that CIC is committed to sustaining and extending this important conversation and helping colleges across the country to advance their educational missions in this way.”

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The Council of Independent Colleges is an association of more than 600 independent, liberal arts colleges and universities and higher education affiliates and organizations that work together to strengthen college and university leadership, sustain high-quality education, and enhance private higher education’s contributions to society. To fulfill this mission, CIC provides its members with skills, tools, and knowledge that address aspects of leadership, financial management and performance, academic quality, and institutional visibility. The Council is headquartered at One Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.