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King University News :: King College Communication Degree an Option for Working Adults in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - This fall, working adults in the Knoxville area will have the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree in Communication from King College.

King offers programs specifically designed with the adult learner in mind through the College’s Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program, as well as numerous courses for students who wish to transition from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree.

The Communication program at King College is designed for adults and offers a high quality undergraduate degree.  The program includes applied studies in communication such as courses in professional, small group, interpersonal, and leadership communication.  The results are an academically superior experience designed to empower students with excellent design, writing, speaking, critical thinking skills, and a portfolio to share with future employers. 

“The Communication program allows for direct integration of communication knowledge, philosophy, skills, theory, and tools for a successful career in the 21st century,” said Micah Crews, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management GPS and Online Studies.  “The program is designed for adults to complete their Communication degree in 16 months, one major class at a time. 

Communication graduates will be prepared to meet competency outcomes including: effective oral and written communication; qualitatively and quantitatively planning; critical thinking and problem solving skills; enduring negotiation habits; persuasion; relationship-building skills; construction of rhetorically effective communication appropriate to diverse audiences, purposes, and occasions; teamwork skills; and demonstration of knowledge of oral, written, and visual communication (rhetoric).  Graduates will also be able to apply ethical principles to decision-making in coursework and professional settings; act locally and think globally; and articulate understanding of their social responsibility as communicators.

Possible career opportunities for graduates with their Bachelor of Science in Communication include human resources, media, public relations, non-profit administration; law, marketing or business management, research, politics, internal affairs, sales, and event planning.  

“More than half of King’s student body is comprised of adult students working on completing their education goals while balancing commitments to their employer, families, and civic responsibilities,” said Crews.  “The effort to take education to the student allowed King College to expand to eleven regional campus locations.  We were delighted to add the Hardin Valley location in Knoxville during the summer of 2010.  Our enrollment in East Tennessee has more than doubled during the last year alone.  King College's focus on business, economic, and workforce development allows us to grow where the interest and the needs are evident.”

For more information about King’s GPS degree options available in Knoxville or financial aid opportunities, call the King College Office of Admissions at (800) 362-0014 or email  Applications may also be submitted online at