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King University News :: King Biology Department Receives Grant for DNA ANALYZER

The King College Biology Department received a grant award this spring from Li-Cor Biosciences Genomics Education Matching Funds (GEMF) Program. The grant enabled the department to purchase a Li-Cor 4300S DNA Analysis System.

Three of the four full-time faculty members of the biology department have used molecular methodologies in their own research, said Dr. John Graham, associate professor of biology. In addition, all three have overseen student research in the previous two years, and are planning to be involved in more. The DNA Analyzer considerably expands what our faculty can pursue with their student-researchers and extends the options they have for research on this campus.

We have made a significant transition to inquiry based learning in our department, and have traditionally done quite a number of molecular biology protocols in our student labs, said Graham. The Li-Cor 4300S would allow us to do molecular labs at a much higher level than we have been able in the past. The equipment also provides us with the opportunity to do either more experiments, or more sophisticated experiments because of the timesavings this system offers. Providing our students with equipment and methodologies, which more closely reflect contemporary research protocols, permits us the opportunity to better prepare those graduates of ours who will be entering research programs upon their departure from King College.