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King University News :: Honors Project Turns into Gatekeeper Trilogy, Second Book in the Series Released

Have you heard of someone writing a novel for their senior Honors project?  That is exactly what Ruth Crews (’06) did. 

Her junior year at King, Crews studied abroad at Oxford in England.  During her first few days in England, an image came to her while she was walking around the countryside.  Throughout her term at Oxford, the story began to burgeon.  “It was actually at the top of Berlin Cathedral where the entire plotline came together.”  The book she would later pen, “Gatekeeper,” opens at the top of that very cathedral.

“I knew then I wanted to write the book as my senior Honors project.  It was amazing to be able to devote school time to something I wanted to do in the long term.  I’ve known since I was nine that I wanted to be a writer.  I was grateful that King was the kind of place that gave me the opportunity to kind of make my own way – that I could take school time and devote it to a project like writing a book.”

“Gatekeeper”, the first in what has become a trilogy, was published in January 2011.  “Gatekeeper” is the story of Anna Merritt, an English major studying abroad at Oxford in England.  Her story is a poignant coming-of-age journey with a twist of mystery.  “When I learned the publisher loved the book and would publish it, I had a difficult time processing that one of my life goals had just been realized.”

The first book in the series, “Gatekeeper,” was dedicated to her brother, Micah Crews, associate vice president of Enrollment Management for King.  “Micah encouraged me throughout my childhood to become a writer, and he even gave me my first journal when I was nine, telling me ‘you are a writer,’” said Crews.

“The Leaving” is the second book in Crews’ “Gatekeeper” trilogy.  In her newest novel, published in time for the holidays in November 2012, Anna Merritt has completed her time at Oxford and travels back to her life at a small private college in the states.  While pining for England and the friendships she had developed, she receives a surprise visitor from England.  Crews’ second novel, like the first, is also filled with intrigue.

“I am thrilled to announce that the long wait is over,” said Crews.  “I hope all who enjoyed meeting Anna Merritt in “Gatekeeper” will find delight and encouragement in her further adventures in “The Leaving.”  Signed books can now be purchased directly from my website -  On behalf of Anna, Dr. Barney, the Trumans, and your other “Gatekeeper” friends, I wish you Merry Christmas and happy reading!”  Crews is currently working on novel number three in the trilogy. 


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