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King University News :: Be in the Know :: Sign Up for King Emergency Notification Alerts

King University’s Campus Security department wants to ensure you receive the critical university notifications on safety issues, school closings, or inclement weather.

To begin receiving Campus Security notifications, first simply click on

Once you are on King’s emergency notification webpage, follow the steps below.

If you are a KING STUDENT:

  1. While on the emergency notification webpage, click on the “Enroll in Connect-ED” link.
  2. Type in your student email address and your identification number. If you are unsure as to what you identification number is, email Campus Security at
  3. Once you have entered your email address and ID number, simply follow the instructions. You will need your cell phone as well as an internet connection for this process.


  1. Email Campus Security at for registration.

Notifications will be distributed only in cases of an emergency. The messages can rapidly be distributed to all participant registered with King’s emergency notification system.

In the event of an emergency or weather-related schedule change the University will send notification through text messages, email, telephone, local television and radio, or other media outlets.

Your safety is important to us. Please take time to register for King’s emergency notification system and stay informed! 

For additional information, contact Campus Security at or 423.652.4333.