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Alumni Survey Seeks to Help Alumni Reconnect with King Roots

The Oval at King UniversityBRISTOL, Tenn., March 19, 2015 - In an effort to engage, inform and connect alumni with the University and with each other, King University formed the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) in 2014. The goal of the council is to help alumni, become more involved with one another, and serve as a conduit for information received and shared. The first step in this process is gathering information from you.

“The goals of the Alumni Advisory Council’s survey are two-fold,” says Michael Webb, 2008 alumnus and director of alumni relations at King University. “One goal is to receive updates from King alumni such as demographics, email addresses, cell phone numbers, post-graduate degrees, and occupations among other details. Secondly, we would like to know in what ways alumni would like to connect and participate in supporting  King.”

In an effort to facilitate the reconnection with alumni, the council compiled a short survey via Survey Monkey at

“As alumni, King University holds a special place in our hearts and our personal histories,” says Kim Lohmeyer, alumni advisory council member. “The Alumni Advisory Council has worked together to develop a tool for alumni to get back in touch with their university family and to re-engage in what is happening at King University. The reconnect survey is a great way for alumni to let [the council] know where they are, what they have been up to since graduation, and to update their fellow alumni on any major life events they may want to share. [The council] wants to hear about your favorite campus activities and memories, as well as your favorite professors and classes. We would also like to hear from alumni that may have questions or concerns or that may have ideas for getting re-involved with King. Let’s reconnect so that together we can be a part of the future success of King University!”

When completing the survey question, “What does King mean to you,” 2008 alumna Kristy Ray said [King is] “a place that opened up a world of opportunities - that I could go anywhere and do anything. The education in the classroom was challenging in a great way. The friendships cultivated were life-giving. The activities were fun and carefree. The atmosphere created and called us as community.”

[King is] “an institution of academic excellence with a liberal arts curriculum and a faculty that demonstrates both professional and Christian leadership,” said David Jonas, 1991 alumnus. Nikki Eversole, 2010 alumna, commented, “King was an amazing place that allowed me to grow as an individual, and forced me to become the independent person I am today. For that, King will always hold a special place in my heart.”

“The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and will provide needed information to better serve the needs of all of King’s alumni,” added Webb.

If you have questions about the survey, contact Michael Webb at or 800.621.5464, or a member of the Alumni Advisory Council by email. Email addresses for AAC members may be found at