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Meet the Students


Name: Hunter Earnest

Graduation year: 2015

Hometown: Bolivar, Tenn.

Major: Business Administration

Campus location: Nashville/Cool Springs

Current employer and job title/description: TriStar Health, Director of EMS Relations,

Number of years in current career: 3 years


Activities: Spending time with family; attending my kids sporting events   

Interests: Outdoors  

Favorite quote: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” C.S. Lewis      

Favorite book(s): Lone Survivor, The Shack

Favorite music: Alternative, 80’s music

Favorite movie: Saving Private Ryan         

Favorite past-time: Going to the movies


Tell us about yourself. I’m a divorced father of three, Kyle, Hannah, and Hallie. They are the greatest motivators in my life. My career background is in healthcare and emergency services. I’m a licensed Registered Nurse and Paramedic; I have worked in both the EMS and hospital settings. Serving others in their time of need is humbling and gratifying experience. Currently my career is focused on healthcare operations and delivery. I love my family and am grateful to have this opportunity to continue my education.


What did you like best about King?  The schedule was perfect and I’m proud to be a part of a Christian university. The staff at King have been so helpful and feel like old friends, especially Josie Russell.


If you have taken college courses or have received a degree prior to entering King’s GPS program, list the school and area of study (or degree/major/concentration). Excelsior College- Associate of Science in Nursing; Jackson State Community College- Associate of Science in Paramedicine


How have things changed for you beginning your degree program at King?  Have you progressed in your current career or will this degree possibly lead to a new career path?  It’s still early, but it has opened my eyes to opportunities and the coursework is perfectly aligned with my career goals so everything learned is immediately utilized in my daily work activities. It’s not just “checking the box” of having a degree, the concepts and tools acquired are key ingredients to success.


What advice do you have for other working adults considering the GPS program?  You can do it!  Make the decision and take the plunge, and choose King. The King staff have made the transition back to school much easier than I thought it would be.


What reaction did you have from family and coworkers when you went back to school?

My family is supportive.  It’s an opportunity for me to set an example for my children, and stress the importance of a higher education.


How did the GPS program class schedule worked for you – 1 night/day per week for approximately 16 months? I love the classroom interaction.  It’s perfect for a working adult and 16 months is not overwhelming.


Does your class schedule allow you the freedom and time to manage work and family responsibilities well?  The class schedule and coursework are challenging, but not so much that it creates a significant burden or loss of family activities.


What was your favorite class?  So far Business Communications is my favorite.  That may change as I move through the program. I’m very interested in Business Law.


Who has influenced you the most? I have had many positive influences in my life - my parents, my grandparents, and my Lord.


What is your favorite memory of King? No one memory.  The staff, professors, and other students will be my fondest memories.


What do you think sets King apart from other schools? The personal attention I received was like no other school I have experienced. It exceeded my expectations.