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Research has shown that students who get involved in career planning activities show increased retention, graduate on time, have improved academic performance, tend to be more goal focused and motivated, and have a more satisfying & fulfilling college experience. FOCUS 2 will help you select the right major at King University, explore career options, take responsibility for your education and career planning, & engage in activities that support your career development.

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Start a Job Search with CareerShift

CareerShift brings the best of the Internet to you, helping to navigate a complex sea of companies and networks that could potentially lead to a job opportunity. With CareerShift, you can find jobs, research companies, and network with alumni and professionals in your chosen field. Here are some key reasons you will benefit from CareerShift:

  • CareerShift lets you tailor your job search by keywords, job type, location, company, salary, source, and much more. You can even set alerts!
  • CareerShift makes networking hassle-free by aggregating contact information of millions of businesses and professionals instantly.
  • CareerShift's one-stop-shop allows you to search, store, and organize job and internship searches and networking contacts instantly.
  • CareerShift helps to keep day-to-day communications organized by scheduling email reminders for job follow-ups, interviews, and phone calls.

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Experiencial Learning

Internships can play a very important role in developing the skills you learn in the classroom and preparing you for a career. There is no substitute for real-world experience when you are competing for a job. The King University Internship Program allows you to integrate the theory you’ve learned in the classroom with practical applications. Internships provide a hands-on learning experience – mostly in an off-campus environment – to help you develop valuable job skills while beginning the networking process.

Salary Calculator

Educate to Career (ETC) offers the #1 Salary Calculator at over 2,000 campus career centers with salary data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States from over 5,000 employers.

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