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As the parent of a King University student, we want you to know that the Career Success Center is fully committed to helping your student take control of their personal and professional development from their initial days on campus. Our goal is to equip each student with the parentknowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to achieve their career objectives. We have a checklist for students to follow during each year they spend at King. Encourage your student to utilize the services and resources offered by the Center early and often in their journey at the University. Some of the services and resources include;

Career Exploration
During their King 1000 – First Year Experience course, each student is required to take the Focus 2 online assessment inventory to help determine their interests, abilities, and personality preferences.

One-on-One Career Counseling Sessions
After they have taken Focus 2 or the Career Matrix, your student should schedule a meeting with a Career Success Center staff member to review the results of their assessment to determine which majors and career fields they might explore.

Declaring a Major
It is important that each student declare a major as early in their career at King as possible. This allows him or her to be paired with an academic advisor who will assist them with the selection of courses to ensure they graduate on time. The Career Success Center staff can help guide them through the process of declaring a major.

The King University Internship Program is designed to give students a paid or non-paid learning experience – mostly in an off-campus setting – related to their major and potential career. The program is generally limited to juniors and seniors, and many majors require an Internship as part of the course work. Students should begin to inquire about an internship by the end of their sophomore year.

Gaining Experience
Gaining experience can happen in a variety of ways: an internship, on-campus organizations, study abroad, travel opportunities, service learning, work study positions, and many more. Students can take advantage of these opportunities to develop professional skills and build their resume.

Professional Development Training and Resources
Staff is available to help students sharpen their skills in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, job search techniques, networking, and marketing themselves to employers. The Career Success Center provides individualized training in all of these areas.

Building a Social Media Profile
By their junior year, students should consult with a Career Success Center staff member to learn how to effectively use professional social media, such as LinkedIn, for networking and job search purposes.

Events & Programs
Each year, the Career Success Center sponsors a variety of career-related programs your student should be on the alert for information such as the annual career and graduate school fair, resume and cover letter writing workshops, special career-related speakers, and other opportunities to build their professional skills.

Job Search Assistance
The Career Success Center maintains an active database of job postings and employer contacts along with hosting or participating in multiple job fairs. Students can also explore Career Shift, an online career site with job and internship postings in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, UK, and Australia. Career shift also provides resume and cover letter wizards aligned with portfolio options.