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Social Security


To be able to work, you must have a social security number. To obtain as social security number, you must have been in the US for 10 days, have been registered in SEVIS, and have proof of a job offer. At the beginning of each semester you may apply to various offices on campus for a job. The Financial Aid Office has a list of campus employers. Once you are hired King University will give you a letter describing your eligibility to work and a short job description. Take this letter, your passport, and I-20 to the Social Security Office. You should be given a receipt saying you have applied and expect to receive a card within 10 business days. This letter will allow you to begin working on campus. Once you have a social security number, King University will be able to pay you each month.

Please let the International Student Advisor know if you need a ride to the Social Security Office. The ISA or designee will schedule a time with you for transportation to the Bristol office.

Social Security Card application