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Reinstatement Process

F-1 Students: Your SEVIS record may be terminated for a variety of reasons. You may refer to the Responsibility Form given to you at the beginning of the year for some possibilities. If for any reason your SEVIS record is terminated, please see the International Student Advisor to help you determine the best course of action for you. It may be you could apply for reinstatement. Please note: you will not be reinstated for employment violations.

To be eligible for reinstatement you must demonstrate the following:

  • You are pursuing a full course of study.
  • You are not deportable on any other grounds.
  • The violation resulted from circumstances beyond your control.
  • You must produce proof of extreme hardship were the application to be denied.
  • If termination was due to an unauthorized reduced course load, then the load reduction must have been ordinarily approvable if requested in time.

Please see the International Student Advisor to help you file all the documents necessary to request reinstatement. You will need to include and may bring:

  • Proof of financial responsibility.
  • A letter from yourself explaining the circumstances of the termination and why they could not be avoided.
  • Transcripts.
  • A completed I-539 with fees (Instructions).
  • Original I-94.
  • Previous I-20s.
  • Passport information.

The International Student Services Office will check your documents and send your package to the District CIS Office.