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Degree Requirements

Course Number

Course Name


NURS 3310 Dimensions of Professional Nursing 4 s.h.
NURS 3315 Introduction to Healthcare Informatics 4 s.h.
NURS 3330 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice 4 s.h. 
NURS 3410 Health and Physical Assessment 4 s.h.
NURS 3420 Spiritual and Cultural Considerations in Nursing 4 s.h.
NURS 4310 Nursing Ethics 4 s.h.
NURS 4410  Principles of Leadership and Management 4 s.h.
NURS 4420 Capstone for RN's 4 s.h.
NURS 4990 Comprehensive Assessment 0 s.h.
KING 4020 Outcomes Assessment at King (OAK) 0 s.h.
LS 3600 Quest for Stewardship & Ethical Responsibility 4 s.h.
LS 4000  Quest for Career & Vocation  4 s.h.
TCOM 2410 Writing for Health Professions (co-resquiste with NURS 3310) 4 s.h.

(1 science)

NURS 3005 The Science of Human Pathophysiology (suggested for those pursuing graduate school) 4 s.h.
BIOL/HCAD Human Disease 4 s.h.
BIOL/HCAD Epidemiology 4 s.h.
BIOL/HCAD Population Health  4 s.h.
  Total Hours: 48 s.h.

NOTE: If students transfer fewer than 76 semester hours, additional courses will be required to complete 124 total semester hours in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. King University requires 48 semester hours be completed at King, to include at least 32 semester hours of the major subject, in order to receive a degree from King University. The additional courses may be taken prior to, during, or following the completion of course work for the BSN degree.

Prior to graduation from King, a comprehensive general education assessment test is required. A pass or fail test, the Outcomes Assessment at King (OAK) becomes available in your student portal upon entering your last semester of classes. The OAK is comprised of 75 general education questions.